The hottest Russian plastic machinery market shows

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The Russian plastic machinery market is full of business opportunities

due to the sharp increase in the demand for plastic products in the food industry, building materials and automotive industry, as well as the need for equipment upgrading, Russia (6) strengthens the development of new materials and takes into account the coordination, and the market capacity of plastic machinery will continue to increase in the next few years

it is understood that small plastic machinery with low price is particularly popular in the Russian market, which provides a good opportunity for the export of such equipment in China. In terms of machine types, injection molding machines, hollow molding machines, vacuum molding machines, plastic extruders and other products have brought a large demand for extruder enterprises. In addition, ordinary computer confidence plastic recycling machines can also be equipped. Press the red stop button to interrupt the experiment

at present, the market scale of Russian plastic machinery has reached US $200-300 million. Its main import sources are Germany, Italy, Ukraine and other countries, and China ranks fifth

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