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Ruyang Cummins diesel generator 800KW equipment model parameters

Ruyang Cummins diesel generator 800KW equipment model parameters

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Cummins power equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional generator production enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. According to the research of forward-looking Industrial Research Institute. The company began to produce professional generators in 1955 and has a generator production history of more than 60 years. It is the first manufacturer of professional generators in New China. Since 1963, the company's products have been equipped with a large number of diesel generator sets, mobile power supplies, shelter power stations and other power generation equipment, and the products are provided to various military services with their superior performance. It is a professional manufacturer dedicated to the development and sales of diesel engines, diesel engines and diesel generator sets. It is a diversified, modern and large-scale enterprise integrating production, R & D, marketing and sales. The company's products are based on the strong belief of Yunnan, serving Yunnan and developing in Yunnan, and adhere to the development ideas of people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, keeping pace with the times, and constantly upgrading, updating and improving the product structure, We firmly believe that Yunnan Cummins diesel generator set will help you prosper! The development of the company is inseparable from the trust, support and help of the industry and friends from all walks of life. Through the unremitting efforts of all employees of the company, we have achieved success in the generator industry. Adhering to the advanced scientific and technological means such as taking advantage of the trend, scientific and technological innovation, interconnection + and so on, our products, centered in Kunming, continue to radiate all prefectures and cities in the province, the three provinces in the southwest and the three countries in Southeast Asia (Laos and Vietnam), and have met a large number of excellent customers, friends and friends of long-term cooperation at home and abroad agent. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production, sales and production of diesel generator sets, with a power range of 24kw-2000kw. It has many varieties, complete specifications and excellent quality, which can be selected by customers at will

Cummins power equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. today, with the development of economic globalization, the Qujing service division of Yunnan Cummins generator set Co., Ltd. has formed a wide range of business alliances with many well-known manufacturers, with strong technical resources, professional management and technical research and development teams, perfect supply and marketing channels, strong market support and excellent pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, excellent performance price ratio Fully meeting and surpassing the international and domestic industry standards has won us the market. In addition, relying on our own technical strength and keen sense of market, with unremitting efforts, we have finally become an influential network brand respected by users. It can solve the fault problem in the process of power supply at any time, ensure the power supply, strive to reduce the operation cost of customers' electricity, and solve customers' worries. Although our scale is not * * * in the same industry. However, we have the most sound system, the rent and sale price of * * * and the professional maintenance technology and service level of all staff. Can cooperate with all customers and establish a good cooperative relationship

Cummins' advantages and performance characteristics

Cummins power equipment (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of diesel generator sets, striving to create a clearer and unified brand image, further strengthening the customer recognition of Cummins' global brand, maintaining a long-term leading position in the diesel generator set market in the increasingly fierce international competition, and strengthening its ability to withstand the impact of market cyclical fluctuations, More diversified product lines and business scope, while focusing on technology as the business orientation, we are committed to continuously improving our service capabilities

1. The environmental protection potential of the new generation of "near zero" forward-looking technology to transform traditional energy and alternative energy power

2 Cummins generator has made new breakthroughs in improving power efficiency and energy efficiency

3 Customize the exclusive service for diesel generator users and redefine the new standard of quality assurance service

4 Cummins carefully creates the most advanced technology and product service concept of diesel generator set

5 Cummins actively carries out the community of interests plan with generator unit users, Consistent efforts to reduce emissions and increase efficiency

Cummins diesel generator set after-sales service coverage in major cities nationwide:

Gaoling County, Lantian County, Hu County, Zhouzhi County, Tongchuan County, Yijun County, Baoji City, Qishan County, Fengxiang County, long county, Taibai County, Linyou County, Fufeng County, Meixian County, Feng County, Xianyang City, Liquan County, Jingyang County, Yongshou County, Sanyuan County, Bin County, Xunyi County, Changwu County, Qian County, Wugong County, Chunhua County, Weinan City, Hancheng Huayin City Pucheng County Tongguan County Baishui County Chengcheng County Hua county Heyang County Fuping County Dali County Yan'an City Ansai County Luochuan County Zichang County Huangling County Yanchuan County Fu County Yanchang County Ganquan County Yichuan County Zhidan County Huanglong County Wuqi County Hanzhong City Liuba County Zhenba County Chenggu County Nanzheng County Yang county Ningqiang County Foping County Mian County Xixiang County Lueyang County Yulin City Qingjian County Suide County Shenmu county Jia County Fugu County Zizhou County Jingbian County Hengshan County, Mizhi County, Wubao County, Dingbian County, Ankang City, Ziyang County, Langao County, Xunyang County, Zhenping county, Pingli County, Shiquan County, Ningshan County, Baihe County, Hanyin County, Shangluo City, Zhen'an County, Shanyang County, Luonan County, Shangnan County, Danfeng County, Zhashui County

Product description of power generation equipment: the bus voltage of the generator shall not be less than 85% UE after 0.2 seconds. The transient voltage regulation rate of the generator u ≤ -15%/+20%, the time required for the voltage to recover to within 3% of the last stable voltage shall not exceed 1 second, the transient frequency regulation rate ≤ 5% (solid-state electronic governor), and the frequency stabilization time ≤ 3 seconds. When the load with the rated capacity of 0.2pe is suddenly reduced, the speed rise of the diesel generator set shall not exceed 10% of the rated speed. d) When the diesel generator set is at no-load rated voltage, its sinusoidal voltage waveform distortion rate is not greater than 3%. Under a certain three-phase symmetrical load, the diesel generator set should work normally under the resistive load of 25% of the rated phase power added to any one of them. The difference between the * * * value (or minimum value) of generator line voltage and the average value of three-phase line voltage shall not exceed 5% of the average value of three-phase line voltage, and the temperature rise of each part of diesel generator set shall not exceed the level under rated operating conditions. The diesel generator set is unattended, a) automatic program start. For example, if the * * * value is reached in the order of u, W and V, it is called negative phase sequence. In the power system, whether the phase sequence is consistent or not is related to whether it can operate in parallel. Phasing is an indispensable test item for parallel or parallel operation. The phasing work includes the identification of phase sequence and the determination of phase, so as to prevent the impermissible short circuit or circulating current caused by the inconsistency of phase sequence and phase. Phase sequence can be measured by phase sequence table. The phase sequence table automatically calculates the maximum force, tensile strength, compressive strength, yield point and other key parameters, including rotating type and indicator type. The rotary phase sequence meter adopts a micro AC motor, and a paper tray indicating the rotation direction is installed on its shaft. During measurement, the positive phase sequence or negative phase sequence can be distinguished by the different rotation directions. There are two types of indicator light phase sequence table, one is capacitive type, and the other is inductive type. Its principle wiring is shown in Figure 16. I hope the participants can share their experience and achievements - 23. The three-phase system is represented by the load connected with star wiring, where Yu, YV, YW - the admittance of three phases u, V, W; UU, UV, UW - voltage of three phases u, V, W

this test should be carried out to prevent local overheating of the stator core due to large local vortex flow during the operation of the generator, resulting in insulation of the stator winding or burning of the core. According to DL/T596-1996 "preventive test code for power equipment", 50Hz power frequency power supply is used for stator core test, and the test duration is 90min under the magnetic density of 1t and 45min under the magnetic density of 1.4T. Wiring shall be carried out according to figure 16-22, and the accuracy of the instrument used shall not be lower than grade 0.5. In addition, an infrared thermal imager should be prepared to measure the temperature. Where s -- sectional area of stator core choke, cm2; L - net axial length of stator, cm; L1 - total length of stator core of solenoid directional valve 1 in the energized state, cm; L2 - width of ventilation channel of stator core, cm; N - number of ventilation ditches; K - core filling factor, taken as 0.93; H - height of tooth back of stator core, cm; D1 - effective outer diameter of stator core

to prevent damage during transportation and storage, all pipe ends should be blocked. 1.8.4 product packaging, transportation and storage shall comply with relevant regulations. 1.8.5 the nameplate shall meet the requirements of relevant international standards. With nameplate in English. Guohua (Indonesia) nansu Power Generation Co., Ltd. is located in a tropical rainforest climate, which is characterized by high temperature, rainy (the rain is acidic), small wind and humidity. There is no seasonal change of cold and summer. The annual average temperature is 25 ~ 27 ℃, the annual average precipitation is more than 2000 mm, and the annual average humidity is about 83%. The diesel generator is installed next to the duty room of the water source near the lematang River, 4km away from the power plant, and the outlet switch is connected to the PC section of the water source. According to the natural conditions and current situation of the plant site, the principle of transportation of the plant site is: waterway is the main, highway is the auxiliary. Wind speed: maintain an average * * * wind speed of 30m/s for 10min at a place 1.5m above the ground. a) Installation location: outdoor

and it has sufficient accuracy, but for undamped salient pole synchronous generator, it is easy to cause error due to the influence of higher-order harmonic of synchronous magnetic field, so it needs to be corrected. The reactance of synchronous generator is called zero sequence reactance when positive synchronous rotation, excitation winding short circuit and a group of symmetrical zero sequence voltage (three-phase voltage values are equal and phase is consistent) are added to the stator winding. Since the amplitude of the pulsating magnetic potential generated by the three-phase zero sequence current is the same, the phase is the same in time, and the electrical angle is 120 ° different in space, the three-phase zero sequence fundamental wave synthetic magnetic potential will be equal to zero. In other words, the zero sequence current will not form the fundamental rotating magnetic potential, and the zero sequence magnetic field is only the leakage magnetic field, so the zero sequence reactance belongs to the nature of leakage reactance. The magnitude of zero sequence reactance is related to the pitch of winding. During the whole distance, the zero sequence reactance and stator leakage reactance are basically equal; When the pitch is τ At this time, the zero sequence reactance will be close to the value of the end leakage reactance of the stator winding. Because zero sequence current basically does not produce rotating magnetic field

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