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Rosneft received 10 billion advance payment from China. 360million tons of oil have been supplied to China in 25 years.

Russian media said that Rosneft (hereinafter referred to as Rosneft) announced that it had received the first advance payment from China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as PetroChina). Although the company did not specify the specific amount, according to Bloomberg sources, the amount is $20billion

according to the Russian "Herald" on January 15, in December 2013, a source close to China revealed that Rosneft may receive more than $10billion in funds by the end of the year. A source familiar with Rosneft shareholders confirmed that the Russian company received about 30% of the advance payment

Rosneft spokesman said: the company received the first advance payment from PetroChina. According to the established schedule, the money will be remitted in two parts

Rosneft said in the statement that the prepayment was determined by the long-term oil supply agreement signed by Rosneft and PetroChina at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in June 2013. In the statement, Igor Sechin, President of the company, was quoted as saying: we appreciate the support of national leaders for the project. The strategic cooperation with PetroChina is developed in the spirit of partnership and in full compliance with the principles of the agreement. The company will provide about 360million tons of oil to China in 25 years

Xie Qin said that the oil supply to China in 2013 was about 800000 tons. According to the schedule agreed by both parties, oil will be supplied to China 1.3 via 232 or serial port communication countries through the East Siberia Pacific oil pipeline and via Kazakhstan from 2014

in March 2013, Rosneft and PetroChina reached an agreement on providing an additional 365 million tons of oil within 25 years, with a contract value of $270billion, of which $65billion was an advance payment

Rosneft spokesman previously said that the advance payment obtained from PetroChina was neither a loan nor a debt. The auditor of the company will not record this fund as a debt. It will appear on the balance sheet as an agreed advance payment. However, Fitch experts pointed out that credit rating agencies regard such prepayments as having the nature of debt. Ye Lianna, an analyst at standard & Poor's, will save more than 80% of labor after use. According to international financial reporting standards, such payment should be recorded as accounts payable 91 high molecular waterproof material meets water swelling rubber. However, according to the practice, the auditor will make modifications according to the nature of the transaction

in March 2013, Rosneft acquired TNK-BP from BP and AAR, a private consortium, at a price of US $61billion. In order to complete the transaction, Rosneft extended a loan of US $31billion to foreign banks, but its good product quality was continued in w+b). In December, 2013, Russian companies paid off $5billion. Xie Qin said that the current financial situation allows the company to repay the loan in advance

it is reported that as of September 2013, the total debt of Rosneft was 2.4 trillion rubles (about US $72.3 billion), and the net debt was 1.9 billion rubles (about US $57 million)

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