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Russian syassky pulp and paper plant installs a new paper machine

the syassky pulp and paper plant in Leningrad, Russia, will focus on installing a new over meccanica tissue paper machine this month. This new paper machine will have a capacity of 26000 tons/year. Syassky plans to sell its products in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. A spokesman assessed that commercial production would begin in November or December

the company has completed the installation of Fabio Perini processing line at the beginning of this year, which can produce 120million rolls of toilet paper and kitchen napkin for the St. Petersburg market. The factory also produces about 45000 tons/year of tissue paper from PM2 and PM3 paper machines, and 105000 tons/year of white faced Kraft linerboard from Bm1 paperboard machine for the selection method of architectural aluminum profile fixtures

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