The hottest RV Reducer breaks the 30-year monopoly

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RV Reducer breaks the 30-year monopoly of Japanese enterprises. "Made in China" robot reshapes the cost advantage

robot is known as the Pearl at the top of the crown of manufacturing industry. The key core technology of RV Reducer, the core transmission component of industrial robots, has been mastered by Japanese enterprises. After more than four years of school enterprise cooperation, major breakthroughs have been made in the design, manufacturing and mass production of RV Reducer in China. Its accuracy, rigidity, life and other indicators have reached or exceeded the level of Japanese enterprises, breaking the 30-year monopoly of Japanese capital replacing labor and machines replacing enterprises

domestic reducers usher in opportunities

rv reducers have large transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency, high motion accuracy, small backlash, low vibration, high rigidity and high reliability. They are royal reducers for industrial robots. An industrial robot needs 4 to 6 RV reducers for its legs, waist and elbows, and the cost of reducers accounts for 40 to 60%. At present, there are three RV Reducer manufacturers with large-scale production capacity and reliable product performance in the world. Among them, nabotsk, Japan, with more than 30 years of technology accumulation, has developed into the world's largest precision reducer manufacturing enterprise, with a manufacturing scale of about 1million units per year, accounting for 60% of the global market share, and as high as 90% in the field of medium and heavy-duty robots

the performance of RV Reducer determines the level of industrial robots, and it is the neck part of China's robot industry. In order to suppress China's robot industry, the price of the reducer sold by nabotesk to abb, KUKA and other four robot companies is half or even lower than that for Chinese robot enterprises. Domestic industrial robot manufacturers are forced to accept a long supply period of 3 to 6 months when they take goods from nabotsk. Although the price of the domestic deceleration stopwatch is cheap and the delivery period is short, the key performance of the products such as accuracy retention is far less than that of Japanese products, and most of them can only be used by medium and low-end robots

according to Zhang Yueming, Professor of Beijing University of technology, global industry 4.0 drives the growing demand for industrial robots. The four major families of global industrial robots are expanding their scale, with output increasing by 20% every year. The demand for RV reducers doubles every three quarters. Nabotsk's supply exceeds demand, bringing opportunities to domestic reducers. However, there are more than 50 domestic enterprises developing RV reducers at most. Now there are no more than 10 enterprises with products on the market, and only twoorthree enterprises can meet the needs of robots

breaking the 30-year monopoly of Japanese enterprises

six years ago, as a major national special project of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Zhang Yueming took the theoretical research of Japanese RV Reducer as a topic. He introduced that the design and manufacturing of RV Reducer involves gear meshing principle, dynamic mechanics analysis, accuracy retention, product consistency, and the combination of reducer and robot algorithm, which are the three core technical requirements, and require up to 10 years of basic theory and empirical data accumulation

at the end of 2015, Hebei Zhikun Precision Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hebei Zhikun) and Beijing University of technology carried out in-depth cooperation in the integration of production, learning, research and application. They made in-depth research on the product design of RV Reducer, the cleaning resin on the screw can be used for liquidation modeling with copper scraper and brush, computer simulation technology and gear meshing theory, and solved the key problems that have plagued domestic enterprises for many years, such as accuracy and service life. After four years of school enterprise research, we have completed the research on RV Reducer Product design, key parts manufacturing process and testing technology, developed and mass produced products of various specifications, and its accuracy, service life, noise and other indicators have reached or exceeded the level of nabotesk, realizing localization and industrialization, and breaking the 30-year monopoly of Japanese enterprises

Zhang Yueming, chief scientist of Hebei Zhikun, President of precision transmission research institute and professor of Beijing University of technology, said that RV Reducer is a product with very high technical difficulties in the field of precision transmission. In order to maintain its monopoly position, nabotesk placed the core parts with the highest precision and the greatest processing difficulty in Japan. Hebei Zhikun cooperates with national laboratories to solve all the problems of steel, casting, heat treatment and so on. National laboratories, high-precision machine tools and special rapid testing tools support the low-cost, high-efficiency, stable and mass production and manufacturing of RV Reducer. At present, Hebei Zhikun has established cooperative relations with more than 10 robot enterprises such as abb, and the products have entered the testing and trial stage. In one year, it has completed more than 6000 hours of comprehensive functional testing and market-oriented application, and will enter abb and KUKA companies within 2 to 3 years

Zhang Yueming said that with the development and expansion of the automotive industry, the four global robot families are difficult to shake their positions in the automotive, 3C electronics and other industries, and it is unrealistic for domestic robots to compete with the four families in the automotive, 3C electronics industry. Domestic RV Reducer and industrial robot industry should interact well, grow together, innovate constantly, cultivate more application scenarios, explore new markets, expand new cakes, and carry out dislocation competition with Japanese RV Reducer and the four families, so as to strive for corner overtaking

Chen Yang, the person in charge of Hebei Zhikun, believes that domestic industrial robot enterprises can develop markets in the fields of pharmaceutical, steel, logistics, furniture, textile, footwear and clothing, as well as underwater, explosion-proof, sterile and other special application environments that the four robot families in the world have no time to take into account, improve the robot design and manufacturing supporting and system integration service capabilities, and a single enterprise can complete the vertical experience and technology accumulation in the subdivided fields, Expand more application space horizontally. It is expected that after five years of high-intensity investment, with the improvement of China's autonomous robot industry, relevant manufacturing industries can realize intelligent and automatic upgrading, and made in China will reshape its cost advantage

the short board needs to be made up as soon as possible

although the RV Reducer is small, it reflects the overall industrial level and manufacturing capacity of a country. Zhang Yueming said that major breakthroughs have been made in the design, manufacturing and mass production of domestic RV reducers, but there are still some shortcomings that need to be made up as soon as possible in order to truly form a fully autonomous advantage

first of all, the backward domestic manufacturing equipment leads to the high production cost of RV Reducer, lack of competitiveness and potential technical risks. The processing equipment for the core parts needle gear housing and cycloid gear is imported from Europe, with a single unit of more than 15million yuan. The equipment in Japan is relatively cheap, but it is forbidden to be sold to Chinese reducer enterprises. The accuracy of domestic machine tools is not far behind that of foreign countries, but they lack experience in the processing technology of RV Reducer parts. Therefore, it is necessary for machine tool enterprises and reducer enterprises to jointly tackle key problems, accelerate the development of cheap and easy-to-use domestic core equipment, and improve the competitiveness of reducer products

secondly, the bearings, the core components of RV Reducer, are still subject to foreign countries. The installation time of domestic bearings in RV Reducer is short, and the accuracy and service life are not as good as those of imported products. In view of the high price of bearings in Europe, Nissan RV Reducer bearings are banned from sale in China, and the localization of RV Reducer bearings is imminent. 3 It is necessary for domestic bearing enterprises to study the basic theory, improve the level of design and manufacturing technology, and mass produce products with stable performance

third, due to the poor heat treatment technology, the parts are deformed greatly. It is necessary to improve the heat treatment process and the manufacturing level of domestic heat treatment equipment to replace high priced imported equipment. (Wang Min)

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