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Ruyi company received the honor of 2014 moral model in Ninghai County, Ningbo City

Ruyi company received the honor of 2014 moral model in Ninghai County, Ningbo City

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promote truth, goodness and beauty, and spread positive energy. Last night, Ninghai County held the "2014 moral model the most respectable person around me" award ceremony, depicting a shocking "Heroes spectrum". Ningbo Ruyi Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2014 Ninghai County honest and trustworthy model award

Ruyi company, as an old brand enterprise for nearly 30 years, has adhered to the Ruyi spirit of "integrity, innovation, diligence and love" for decades. Chu Jiwang, chairman of the board, visited 15 customers in just half a month. For all the customers he visited, the business was attracted like a magnet. He recognized that when talking about business with customers, he must strictly control the word "honesty". In terms of company management, he made a solemn commitment to employees: "no matter how difficult the company is, it will not dismiss an employee." Whether in the face of the financial crisis or the "machine replacement" project, the company retained employees through job transfer and training, which not only retained the hearts of the people, but also injected forward momentum into the development of the enterprise. "Chinese quality integrity enterprise", "national AAA enterprise that abides by contracts and pays attention to credit"... Ruyi always puts "integrity" in the first place with the continuous deepening of science and technology in 12. Working environment: room temperature ~ 45 ℃ enterprise spirit

the light of morality warms people's hearts, and the power of model inspires people to forge ahead. The award ceremony last night has become a warm stage. On the stage, the promotional video will tell the story of the model and touching; The audience from all walks of life listened carefully. In just 90 minutes, the atmosphere of the award ceremony was warm and warm throughout the city. Many audiences applauded again and again, which will be an important part of the effectiveness subsystem. A. the power of Kerry Carter formula's work ethics model will be spread

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