The hottest Russian segze paper mill plans to rebu

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And for the first use of raw materials, new processes, new formulas and new machine types, etc.

the Russian segeze paper mill plans to rebuild the paper machine

the Russian paper maker segezha plans to start the reconstruction of the PM10 paper machine with an annual output of 79000 tons of Kraft sack paper in the paper mill in Karelia on October 22

segze plans to install an extensible device on the paper bag machine to replace the motor drive part of the PM10 paper machine

segze aims to complete the reconstruction work before February 1st, 2002. The main suppliers of the reconstruction project are Voith Paper and Flender

segze paper mill is located at the border of Russia and Finland. In 2000, it produced 191000 tons of paper, including 162000 tons of kraft bag paper produced by pm9 and PM10 paper machines. Pm11 machine produces 29000 tons of kraft linerboard with a base weight of 115g/m2. The annual production capacity of pm11 is 110000 tons, which was idle for a period last year and resumed production in the second quarter. Segze plans to increase its annual output to 450000 tons by 2005

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