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Russian telecom equipment manufacturers may integrate unified company

Russian domestic telecom equipment manufacturers may integrate into a unified group company, mainly with simple process lines, in order to better compete with foreign companies

at the meeting of the government observation Committee, the manager of the new business department of the Russian strategic initiative agency, althom awetiseyan, pointed out that polygon, information investment group and itfy in the field of telecommunications and microelectronics in Russia may be integrated into a unified group company

The chairman of itfy pointed out that this plan is practical and feasible. Telecommunications and microelectronics are better than brothers and sisters in taking over the baton of history. They depend on each other for development. Itfy company is a research and development company of microelectronic products. With the support of the strategic initiative agency, the company is building a distributed R & D Center for integrated circuits and printed circuit boards to provide developers with a complete set of process flow design for microelectronic products. It is estimated that the construction cost of the R & D center will reach 278million rubles

The representative of itfy company pointed out that the infrastructure built by the R & D center will provide Russian development companies with the possibility of using advanced design schemes. The mode of providing services through cloud computing will also greatly reduce design expenses and improve the quality of end products

polygon company is a developer and manufacturer of telecommunication equipment, which mainly produces industrial grade switches used in high-performance power infrastructure networks, fault-tolerant networks driven by 1.5KW synchronous motors, and networks video systems, access control and production automation systems

the information investment group serves the telecommunications sector and is expected to organize the production of a new generation of domestic communication equipment by June 2014. The new device is a communication device based on FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology with a load of 480gb per second. The design cost of this product is about 170million rubles

according to the introduction, the strategic initiative agency aims to provide support for the marketing and public relations of all companies, provide advice and help for all business plans, and also indirectly provide financial support: assist the company to apply for funds provided by Skolkovo, Russian nanotechnology company and Russian investment company, and participate in the negotiation of such funds

when reporting to President Putin, alchom emphasized that the product quality of some Russian manufacturers was better than that of similar foreign products. For example, the service life of domestic switches is twice that of foreign similar products, and the price is much lower than that of similar products

but at present, it is not realistic to compete with foreign companies in an all-round way. Russian companies mainly produce individual parts, while most foreign companies can basically realize turnkey engineering and after-sales service. Russian domestic companies still rely heavily on imports

the strategic initiative agency will study and be responsible for the integrated development strategies of these companies in the domestic market, and help them coordinate their common development with state-owned companies

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