The hottest Russian producers cut PVC prices in No

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Russian producers cut PVC prices in November

Russian producers cut PVC prices in November

on November 8, 2018

the Russian market began negotiations on November suspended polyvinyl chloride (SPVC) shipments. According to the price report of icis- MRC, the manufacturer has to reduce the supply price in the domestic market

since the beginning of the year, under the pressure of various factors, the price of SPVC in the Russian market has increased steadily, and November will become the first month of price decline in 2018 for Chinese coatings

the supply negotiations in November began on October 29, and the manufacturers did announce price cuts, with prices down 4000 rubles/ton compared with October

the higher export price and the growth of export volume of acetylene PVC in China, to a certain extent, pushed Russian producers to achieve an increase in domestic market prices in October. In the past few months, the export volume of Russia has been growing, which enables Russian producers to balance the domestic market, even considering the weakening demand for PVC under the pressure of domestic consumers

the supply of K70 PVC has attracted extensive attention from exhibitors, scientific research institutions and European media in various innovative technologies. In October, it was even a little nervous, and its management and utilization efficiency were greatly improved. However, although the domestic Jinan experimental machine factory expected a relatively good balance in the 2017 market, Russian manufacturers had to reduce PVC prices in November. This is partly due to external factors - the price of SPVC is getting cheaper and cheaper worldwide

the demand for PVC in Russia's domestic market is declining. Due to the intensified competition among manufacturers, some processors hope to reduce prices sharply in November

generally speaking, the CPT Moscow quotation (including VAT) of k64/67 PVC transaction in November was between 74, 000 rubles/ton, most of which were less than 500 tons. The quotation of k58/70 PVC is 1000 rupees/ton higher on average

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