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PPG provides full painting for the allegiant stadium in Las Vegas

PPG provides full painting for the allegiant stadium in Las Vegas

October 12, 2020

recently, PPG announced that most of the interior, exterior and structural surfaces of the allegiant stadium are completed with PPG paint, coating and special materials. Once there is an adverse impact of electricity, it can't be predicted. Or because the oil road is not clean, etc.

allegiant stadium is located in Las Vegas, the United States. This stadium costs $2billion and has 65000 seats. It is the new home of the NFL professional football team Oakland Raiders. On September 21, allegiant stadium made its debut in prime time and held a football match in front of the national television audience

Bryan IAMS, vice president of government affairs of PPG, said, "it's incredible to see that a variety of PPG coatings are used in the design and construction of allegiant stadium. We are very proud of this. Our paints, coatings and special materials have played an important role in the design and construction of this extraordinary facility."

he added, "we have some partners in the allegiant stadium project in Las Vegas and maintain a strong cooperative relationship, so that everyone can unite to protect and beautify the allegiant stadium."

ppg's products used in the ball bonding strength field include protective and decorative coatings, which requires PPG to have a full range of expertise in industry, renovation, protection, corrosion prevention and building applications

according to the recommendation of PPG, the project selected PPG amercoat 68 HS and PPG psx 700 coatings, and designated the customized "black gold" and the group with the lowest △ vs value as the high-precision "silver fox" color coating system, matched with the Raiders' iconic silver and black uniforms; At the same time, the three component zinc rich epoxy primer PPG amercoat 68hs coating provides excellent corrosion prevention and rapid coating ability; As a topcoat, PPG psx coating has excellent adhesion, excellent corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and long-term gloss and color retention

ppg company also blended the iconic color of PPG duranar XL paint for the glittering curtain wall of the venue. PPG's 70% patented polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) formula, its four layer coating system has excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance, and can still maintain its bright color under the strong light of Las Vegas for decades

PPG paint products are used throughout the stadium, including permanent alkali resistant primer inside and outside Crete and speedhide internal eggshell latex enamel, to increase the decorative effect of the stadium surface. WB1 acrylic epoxy point glaze coating also maximizes the protection of high traffic flow areas. Seal grip alkyd universal primer provides all-round protection inside and outside

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