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PPG launched a new type of anti-bacterial matte paint to limit the growth of bacteria on the wall

PPG launched a new type of anti-bacterial matte paint to limit the growth of bacteria on the wall

on December 11, 2020, in case of oil leakage, when replacing seals

PPG's brand Johnstone s ™ Launched antibacterial matt paint, which is designed for the whole family to limit the growth of bacteria on the wall. Unlike the standard matte paint, PPG's Johnstone antibacterial matte paint has been specially tested for MRSA and E. coli

after Kemal died in 1938, the number of bacteria on the surface was reduced.

facts have proved that this new coating can effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction. When the bacteria come into contact with the wall, it will spread to the whole surface and may increase the risk of harmful infection

unlike most wall coatings, PPG's Johnstone antibacterial matting coating is formulated using technology that has been proven to significantly reduce the number of bacteria living on the surface. The dirt on the surface is also low noise, which makes it easier for bacteria to grow. By using PPG Johnstone antibacterial matt paint with conventional wall cleaning, the risk of bacterial transmission can be minimized

"PPG has developed a new antibacterial matte series using advanced technology", said guy burgoine, technical manager of PPG in the UK and Ireland. "This coating provides customers with the durable quality expected by PPG's Johnstone products, as well as the additional benefits of antibacterial technology."

it can be used in any area of the family

it is specially designed for Jinan Times cable copper strip tension tester anywhere from kitchen and bathroom to bedroom and corridor. PPG's Johnstone antibacterial matte coating is a strong and durable coating series. The limiting properties of bacteria can provide protection during typical decoration cycles, while also protecting walls and maintaining a good finish

this coating is the next product in the PPG functional, sanitary coatings and coating portfolio, including a variety of antibacterial and anti microbial products, such as Comex ® VINIMEX ® Total maximum antibacterial percentage acrylic paint, which protects the house by minimizing the use of the house. Bacteria grow and spread on painted surfaces

the paint has 10 curatorial palettes to choose from to reflect current consumer preferences. The palette includes the new dark green "forest green", a dark green hue, reminiscent of being immersed in nature. Each color in this range is available in 2.5 liter cans

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