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PPG industrial glass fiber launched a new publicity slogan to convey the market positioning of "professional integrity, service users"

on July 4, 2012, Pittsburgh, the United States - PPG Industrial Company (NYSE Code: PPG) glass fiber division will recently launch a new round of market publicity activities, highlighting PPG's unique market positioning, emphasizing the high quality of products, so as to improve brand awareness. At the same time, PPG also put forward a new slogan - "excellent you trust. solutions you demand. (TM)", which positions the company as a professional glass fiber supplier that serves users with integrity and reliability

tom Kerr, vice president of PPG glass fiber division, said, "the new slogan expresses the important mission of PPG glass fiber division. We hope that in the promotion process of this event, we can further promote PPG's business focus, brand image and market value to customers and the whole industry. This new slogan clearly conveys these messages."

this marketing campaign is mainly carried out around the following three core concepts:

historical inheritance - PPG has more than 60 years of glass fiber production experience, and its diversified products and rich industry experience have benefited customers a lot

customer first - PPG glass fiber business department regards customer relations as the top priority. The company insists on actively communicating with customers to fully understand their growth and development plans, so as to help customers create the best solutions to meet market needs

industry example - PPG glass fiber division has always adhered to innovation, product research and development and capacity improvement to meet the current and future market needs of many reinforcement materials and spinning customers

"we have adopted the same form of publicity in various business documents and introduced the slogan 'professional integrity, service users'." Laurie Cochran, brand and market communication specialist of PPG glass fiber division, said: "whether it is the company station or product packaging, we will publicize to customers, the market and the whole industry through unified forms and information." new materials "refer to newly developed or under development materials with superior performance."

ppg glass fiber is the world's leading manufacturer of reinforcement materials. We have production bases and R & D centers in the United States, Europe and Asia to supply glass fibers for thermosetting and thermoplastic composites. The main application fields of the products include transportation, energy, infrastructure and consumer market. At the same time, it also supplies printed circuit boards and industrial special yarn. For more information, please visit:. Professional integrity, service users

ppg: innovation, as you can see, the goal of PPG Industrial Company is to continue to maintain its position as the world's leading supplier of coatings and special products. With its leading position in innovation, sustainable development and color, PPG helps customers from industry, transportation, consumer goods, construction and other fields and their after-sales markets to improve the appearance of products in various forms. PPG industry company was founded in 883 with the recording power provided by a precision hydraulic loading system. It is headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, and has production bases and subsidiaries in more than 60 countries around the world. In 2011, the global sales volume of the company was 14.9 billion US dollars. PPG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PPG). For more information, please browse or

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