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PPG glass fiber products appear in the composite industry technology exhibition recently, PPG industry company announced that it would participate in the 16th China International composite industry technology exhibition from September 15 to 17, which also failed to popularize the operation process and use method of impact testing machine to its employees. PPG will not only bring a variety of glass fiber products, but also show its end products in a wide range of applications, making people intuitively feel the superior performance of glass fiber. The specific information of these products has been verified. The high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic products made of PPG glass fiber vividly show the comprehensive specific application of PPG glass fiber. The buffer can make the swing rod return safely. A special demonstration area is also reserved in the 121 square meter exhibition hall, and PPG experts at home and abroad are specially invited to give lectures on industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, and breakthrough applications in environmental protection and energy for three consecutive days

curtthielker, the business development manager from PPG America, will give an on-site speech on the application of LFT. The report will compare and summarize different coupling agents from multiple groups of measured results. Generally, the mechanical properties of glass fiber composites are affected by the use of electronic universal testing machine; Mr. Thielker will also personally demonstrate how to use PPG glass fiber to produce various cost-effective composite products. Dr. Guoxu from PPG China Technology Center will focus on the application of PPG glass fiber in the field of wind power, and analyze the application advantages of composite materials in wind turbine blades and the future development of PPG glass fiber in the field of wind power

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