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PPG is committed to the innovation and market expansion of glass fiber products

as one of the world's leading continuous drawing glass fiber manufacturers, PPG attaches great importance to China's wind power market. Fortelli, general manager of PPG's global electronic products and glass fiber business in the Asia Pacific region, told PPG that PPG is committed to the innovation and market expansion of glass fiber products and provides services for the rapid development of China's wind power industry

shorten the supply cycle

fortelli said that although China's wind power industry has not started for a long time, its growth rate has been amazing in recent years, and there is still much room for development in the future. From 2008 to 2009, the newly installed capacity of wind power in China doubled, and it is expected to maintain a double-digit growth rate this year, and the market demand for composite materials will increase accordingly

fortelli said that wind power materials will be one of the most important downstream markets of PPG glass fiber products. At present, PPG has been certified by wind power designers, and the supply of glass fiber products for wind power is in short supply. In the future, the company will further expand the production scale in China, shorten the supply cycle, provide international high-quality products for China's composite industry, and meet the development needs of China's wind power market. In July this year, PPG's production plant in Zibo has expanded its direct yarn production capacity and will continue to expand its production in the future, introducing PPG's most advanced technology in Europe and the United States into Zibo plant

it is more reliable to innovate through the old.

while actively expanding capacity, PPG also attaches great importance to the development of new products. Fortelli said that at present, wind power customers want to make the blades bigger and bigger, and at the same time, make the performance better and better, which has higher and higher requirements for raw material glass fiber. This demand is the driving force for continuous innovation of PPG products and the direction of product development. In addition, PPG also attaches great importance to the quality performance of composites for wind energy under strict environment, especially in China

China's wind farms are concentrated in the northern inland or sea, and the blades need to withstand high wind speed, low temperature, sand erosion, sea salt erosion, etc. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the composite materials for manufacturing blades, such as high material strength, and the possible damage to blades, easy to understand towers and fans caused by various corrosion and erosion must be avoided. The tensile strength of PPG Hybon 2026 products can be increased by 20%, and its fatigue resistance and other mechanical properties have also been greatly improved. The performance of blades made of this material is much better than that of traditional glass fiber blades, which can ensure that the blades can be used in worse environments. In the future, PPG plans to launch more products, including glass fiber, high modulus direct yarn, LFT long fiber reinforced thermoplastic direct yarn, which can be matched with specific resins

fortelli said that PPG also pays attention to the change trend of composite resin and fiber. In the past, the blades were basically made of polyester resin. Now there is market demand for polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinyl resin and other materials. For different resins, PPG developed different glass fibers, so that the overall performance of the material was improved. In addition, many customers hope that a kind of glass fiber can be used with a variety of resins. Therefore, PPG has developed multi-purpose products that can be matched with a variety of resins, such as Hybon 2002 and Hybon 2026

realize complementary advantages

ppg is one of the first enterprises to invest in China in the world, and has a complete R & D, production and sales system for industrial coatings, glass fibers, paints and chemical materials in China. As a multinational chemical company that produces both glass fiber and PLA polyurethane product stress-strain curve coated with figure 4 twin-screw extruder reaction extrusion, PPG has unique advantages in market expansion and product development with flame retardant limiting oxygen index> 32. Fortelli said that PPG has a very strong technical foundation in polymers, which enables it to share a strong technical platform in the development of glass fiber, coatings and other special products, and support each other in R & D, production and sales

fortelli told that paint products can be closer to end customers than fiberglass products. In the field of wind power, because glass fiber is only the raw material of composite materials, while paint can be directly used in blades and fans, which will help PPG further understand the development trend of wind energy market, and even improve sales through overall supporting. At the same time, the glass fiber department can also help the coating department understand the wind power and composite industry, contact customers together, and jointly experiment and develop appropriate products with customers. The beneficial cooperation between the two departments has achieved common growth

ppg products involve fibers, resins, coatings and adhesives in composites, which are of great benefit to customers. Many customers often specialize in only one field when producing composite materials, and PPG has cross field supporting products and professional knowledge, so it can provide customers with more comprehensive and complete products and services, which is PPG's unique advantage

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