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PPG industry held the "colorful community" activity for the first time in China

on September 15, 2015, Tianjin, China - recently, the first "colorful community" project activity organized by PPG Industry Company (New York Stock Exchange code: PPG) in China was successfully concluded at Tianjin TEDA culture and Art Center. Nearly 70 volunteers and their families from PPG Tianjin factory participated in the interior wall decoration and mural painting of the color classroom of Tianjin TEDA culture and Art Center, which is about to be completed. PPG also donated master paint interior wall paint for the center

PPG Tianjin factory volunteers and their families participated in the "colorful community" activity

"as a member of the community, PPG has always insisted on participating in the construction of the community. We hope that through cooperation with TEDA Art Center and other community institutions, through PPG products and PPG volunteers, we can bring color and vitality to the communities around the factory and make them look new." Yan Caiming, general manager of corporate and government affairs in PPG Asia Pacific, said

PPG volunteers are drawing murals in the color classroom of Tianjin TEDA culture and Art Center

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niyawei, director of PPG Asia Pacific Industrial coating operation, and Xiaozhi volunteers are drawing murals together

on the morning of September 12, PPG employees and their families came to TEDA culture and art center near PPG Tianjin factory, Under the guidance of professional art painters, decorative painting is carried out on the wall of the "color classroom" on the second floor of the art center. The colors used in the painting are all modulated by PPG master paint interior wall paint. At the same time, the volunteer children also drew a five meter long picture entitled "colorful TEDA" and gave it to Tianjin TEDA culture and Art Center as a gift. In addition, they also participated in the mural painting of the hall on the first floor

"today's activity is very successful. Thank our employees and family members for their active participation. Everyone has gained a lot." Niyawei, director of PPG Asia Pacific industrial coating operation, said, "this is another good interaction between PPG and surrounding communities. In the future, PPG's factories will carry out more and more similar activities to contribute to the construction of a beautiful community."

"colorful community" is a charity project launched by PPG worldwide in May this year. It provides support for community construction around the world through volunteer services, paint supply and other means, aiming to make the community where PPG operates more harmonious, safer and more beautiful. Tianjin TEDA culture and Art Center will be officially opened at the end of September this year in Asia. It will become an important place for cultural and art exchanges in Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, and is committed to cultural and art skills training for community children. Up to now, PPG has completed a variety of social activities, including one in the United States, two in Europe and one in South Korea. PPG expects to carry out activities in more than 14 communities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia this year

"colorful community" project is a unique activity carried out by PPG to fulfill the community. In 2014, PPG and the PPG foundation have donated more than $5.7 million to hundreds of community organizations in 24 countries around the world. The projects invested by these funds include: community youth education projects to help young people have the necessary skills related to learning and employment in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and other fields such as advanced manufacturing; Renovation projects of community buildings and public spaces; Help the development of community organizations closely related to PPG employees through donations and supporting projects

PPG Industrial Company and PPG foundation actively participate in the construction and development of the community where they operate, and are committed to making the community environment more beautiful and life more colorful. Through the strong investment in education projects, we hope to help employees actively carry out industry activists to improve their strength and support young students' innovation in the fields of coatings and special materials. PPG actively participates in the development and construction of the community through employee volunteer services, financial assistance and product supply. In addition, we encourage and support employees to participate in volunteer and charity activities to help them pursue important undertakings in life. For more details, please visit

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the vision of PPG Industrial Company is to protect and beautify their products and environment by providing customers with reliable high-quality innovative sustainable solutions as always, so as to become a world leading coating company. With its leading position in innovation, sustainable development and color, PPG helps customers from construction, consumer goods, industry, transportation and other fields and their after-sales markets in various forms to provide added value to improve the appearance of their products. Founded in 1883, PPG industries is headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA, with production bases and subsidiaries in nearly 70 countries around the world. According to the financial report, the company's global net sales in 2014 were US $15.4 billion. PPG is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: PPG). For more information, please browse or follow PPG twitter @ppgindustries

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