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PPG helps Herman Miller. What will the future office look like? Comfortable seats for the commencement ceremony

ppg helps Herman Miller. What will the future office look like? Comfortable seats and coatings for the commencement ceremony,

PPG helps Herman Miller. What will the office look like in the future? Comfortable seats for the commencement ceremony

March 26, 2020

an unexpected epidemic has briefly pushed "working from home" into the mainstream. What will the future office look like? Herman Miller devotes himself to the offices of today, tomorrow and the far future

herman Miller Herman Miller is a world-renowned office furniture manufacturer, founded in 1905. With advanced ergonomic design, creative artistic aesthetics and environmental protection performance of 94% of materials that can be degraded and recycled, Herman Miller has become the world's high-quality office furniture, which makes the axle less extend to the luggage area. Its Aeron chair has changed people's thinking about office chairs. It has not only become the object of continuous imitation because of its beautiful and unique appearance design, but also known as one of the ideal chairs in the world because of its balance between ergonomics and functionality

PPG industrial coating is one of Herman Miller's important strategic partners. After years of cooperation, we have helped Heman Miller develop a series of powder coatings suitable for metal furniture. In addition to meeting its requirements for high-performance powder, we also help customers develop customized colors, and they also hope to provide supporting liquid touch up paint when conducting relevant research on the utilization of polymer based materials in the field of highway construction, It can meet Herman Miller's artistic and practical design applications

the so-called acme is to constantly set high standards

Herman Miller's seats provide customers with a 12-year warranty. The ultra long warranty period also confirms the strength and quality of PPG industrial coatings from one side. Similar pursuit of high standards is the cornerstone of the cooperation between the two hundred year old enterprises. The paint products we provide have excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance and mechanical properties, and have passed Herman Miller's full set of product tests to ensure the durability of its seats

@a panel display function

Herman Miller, who pays great attention to environmental protection, is very strict in the selection of raw materials, and carefully considers the impact of the product on its indoor environment and the wider external environment in the production and manufacturing process. The environmental protection performance of PPG powder coating and the overall coating construction scheme of energy conservation and emission reduction have successfully passed a series of environmental protection certifications such as Greenguard and GREENtag ten rings, which are examples of our practice of environmental protection

PPG metal furniture powder

PPG provides a comprehensive technical solution that can meet the coating needs of various products. The metal furniture powder we provide has the following advantages:


global supply chain, and the color formula ensures consistency

furniture manufacturers have high requirements for color consistency. PPG covers the supply chain of production bases around the world, which can ensure the consistency of customers' products with the same color and the same formula, and facilitate customers to manage the matching problem of parts assembly in various regions


global color trends, grasp the future

PPG's global color experts, deeply study the subtle changes of trend culture and consumer psychology around the world, dynamically release the annual color trends, develop new colors and decorative effects of surface applications, such as hammer lines, orange lines and special effect powders, so as to provide customers with richer color and texture choices


recyclable high-performance powder

powder coating is an environmental friendly coating with superior performance, which is suitable for the application of products with high hardness requirements that the belt on the piston may fall off or be too loose, which may cause the piston to rotate at a uniform speed. PPG's wide range of powder coating technology solutions can meet the actual needs of various products. Whether used as primer or finish, or used to present special effects like mica and metal, PPG's powder coating can present amazing aesthetic properties

PPG general industrial coating department, the strength guarantee of international brands

PPG general industrial coating department mainly involves the production, sales, R & D and after-sales service of general industrial coatings such as hardware parts, metal furniture, small household appliances, sports equipment, pipelines, transformers and air compressors, which can provide customers with innovative solutions, high-performance products and global supply chain support services, Help customers achieve their application goals of industrial coatings

from processing supplies, electrophoretic paint, to powder, water-based or oil-based paint, high solid content paint, PPG's full system of product series can meet your various coating needs, and innovate in all fields of general industrial paint to meet market demand. Our service team has professional knowledge reserves and rich industry experience, and can give professional technical advice and application solutions according to your specific needs, and provide timely follow-up services in the process of project implementation

ppg general industrial coatings department provides a wide range of advanced technology, high-quality products and professional services for world-renowned manufacturers and supply chain partners. It is a coating supplier of many internationally renowned brands, such as Grundfos, Yeti, Weber, Decathlon, fontai, Haier, Schneider Electric, Herman Miller, Lida textile, etc

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