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Xinsong robot Wuxi intelligent equipment project settled in Xishan Huang Qin attended the signing ceremony. Yesterday, Xinsong robot Wuxi intelligent equipment project was signed and settled in Xishan District. Mayor Huangqin attended the signing ceremony, and municipal government Secretary General zhangmingkang attended the event

Xinsong group is a leading enterprise in the robotics industry, with the highest market share in China. It is also the manufacturer with the most complete product line for international machines such as IBM, Intel, Boeing and so on, who have invested a lot of scientific research efforts to develop graphene. In July last year, Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. to establish the Xinsong robot R & D center. The settlement of Xinsong robot Wuxi intelligent equipment project in Xishan Development Zone means that the cooperation between the two sides extends to a wider field and a deeper level. It is understood that the project is invested and established by the intelligent equipment business department of Xinsong group, with a registered capital of 100million yuan. It produces new industrial robots and various intelligent equipment. It is expected that the annual sales will be 400million-500million yuan after the project is completed. It will play an important role in promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing and accelerating industrial transformation in Xishan

the Wuxi intelligent equipment project of Xinsong robot is another great achievement of Xishan in implementing the leading strategy of strengthening the city through industry and focusing on major projects. In recent years, Xishan District has put the project construction in a prominent position, giving full play to the advantages of regional transportation, bearing space and industrial supporting facilities, and focusing on the attraction of major industrial projects. A number of major industrial projects, such as Enjie new materials with a total investment of 5billion yuan and Guoneng lithium battery with a total investment of 3billion yuan, have successively settled in Xishan. Last year, the region signed industrial projects with a total investment of more than 1billion yuan and industrial projects with a total investment of more than 500million yuan. The number of PVC door and window sliding supports jg/t 127 ⑵ 000 increased by 5 and 16 respectively compared with the previous year. The area of industrial land sold increased by 41.4%. High quality industrial projects have been settled one after another, which provides strong support for Xishan to strive to be the growth pole of the city and create a preferred place if the impact resistance testing machine system can be properly transformed. (Xiaorong)

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