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Radio and television express: gradually cut into the core technology from the application scenario and aim at the full stack service provider of artificial intelligence

Shanghai Securities News (Zhu Wenbin). On March 26, radio and television express held a 2019 investment meeting to communicate with nearly 200 investors, partners and media on the development strategic layout and planning of the company's AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Zhong Yong, Secretary of the board of directors of radio and television express, said when introducing the company's overall AI development plan that in the past 20 years, the company has accumulated profound strength in terms of technology accumulation, customer base, service advantage and intelligent manufacturing ability, laying the foundation for becoming a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions in the industry

at present, the company pays close attention to the transformation opportunities of artificial intelligence in financial technology, public security, transportation, tourism, retail and other industries and overseas markets, seizes the application scenarios of various industries, refines and grasps a number of key core technologies, deeply excavates industry data information, and forms an industrial layout of intelligent terminal + big data

it is reported that at this stage, radio and television express mainly focuses on the application scenario, starts from the application scenario and gradually develops to the core technology layer

in terms of strategic planning objectives, radio and television Express has put forward short-term strategic objectives (2019-2020) and medium and long-term strategic objectives (2021-2025) respectively. The short-term goal is to become a leading artificial intelligence scene service provider in finance, security, transportation, convenience and other industries, mainly carry out AI basic technology research such as biometric recognition, intelligent video and intelligent voice, and precipitate a number of intelligent terminal products and solutions with core competitiveness

in terms of medium and long-term goals, radio and television express is determined to become a leading artificial intelligence full stack service provider. Further explore the research and development of core technologies in vertical and in-depth fields such as sensitive devices, IC, natural language processing and computer vision, and build core technology advantages. Taking the intelligent terminals deployed in various industries as the data entry, the application scenarios, computing power, algorithms and big data are launched in an all-round way. Relying on 5g and other new generation communication technologies, we work with eco industry partners to build strong artificial intelligence system solutions and provide customers with full stack services

in July 2019, radio and television express will release a beta version of AI core. Luo Yiming, deputy secretary of the Party committee of radio and television express, revealed at the meeting that AI core will take data, algorithm and computing power as the core, combine data with AI and conduct in-depth processing, improve enterprise productivity and provide customers with high-quality innovative solutions

in terms of specific artificial intelligence scene landing, the relevant persons in charge of each line of radio and television express also introduced the experimental machine at the initial stage of development

in the field of intelligent finance, with the trend of bank point transformation from software and hardware transformation to system solution implementation, the company will build the core competitiveness of intelligent equipment + big data around bank point transformation and help improve the intelligence of bank point

in the field of intelligent security, radio and television express will focus on three application scenarios: smart policing, smart Park and financial security, with smart terminal + 3 and big data/artificial intelligence that can't move every equipment component of the pressure testing machine as the core. The city will build city one belt, one road construction in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the other side of the city. It will build a GRG city safety brain and build a partner ecosystem. p>

in the field of intelligent transportation, the company will deeply cultivate the traditional sector and actively expand intelligent and innovative solutions. Intelligent innovative solutions based on Internet + product planning and artificial intelligence + big data are committed to promoting the upgrading of the transportation field from ticket to human centered scenario, realizing accurate and detailed services for real name passengers, realizing payment diversification and intelligent services, and building smart stations in multiple directions

in the field of smart retail, the company will rely on the resources in scene, operation, development, service network and other aspects, based on the big data operation platform, realize direct access to consumers in the real-time consumption scene, eliminate intermediate channels, shape new retail brands and create a new height of food safety trust. In the future, the company will develop into a platform and interconnected operation and maintenance platform based on AI and big data, reduce costs and increase efficiency, create a healthy ecosystem for small and medium-sized operators and maximize ideal benefits

in the field of interconnection + maintenance, Pingyun Xiaojiang, a subsidiary of radio and television express, enables more equipment to receive after-sales service guarantee through its own national service network and online joined engineers and service providers, makes it easier for more engineers to provide services, and provides efficient and high-quality after-sales services for equipment manufacturers, operators and system integrators. At present, the company is establishing an all-round guarantee system, deeply expanding product system and market resources, vigorously building an Internet platform based on network collaboration and data intelligence, and creating a provider of one-stop after-sales service solutions

in terms of overseas business, the company will make use of the existing sales and service network to continue to expand the market, become bigger and stronger in the field of AI + finance, accelerate the extension and layout of AI + business, strengthen the construction of three major networks of sales, service and collectivization, and ensure the achievement of business strategic deployment. With one belt, one road will be established to rapidly establish benchmarking demonstration projects, and become a leading brand in the field of spot transformation, constantly replenish and optimize the channel of partners, and expand the overseas market access for the company's new business. p>Notice For Ration Electricity
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