JK Jiqi low harmonic series SCR power adjustment

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New product launch: JK Jiqi low harmonic series SCR power regulator

Product Description:

1 It adopts proportional output, and the harmonic is less than 5%, 4 Automatic storage: automatic storage of test data: it can store the experimental data, judgment results and test curves of the gas spring according to the production date, which meet the strict requirements and specifications of Taipower ieee519

2. Low harmonic environment is required for constant temperature and humidity heating system

3. The protection device of this controller: (1) the source is under phase. (2) Fuse disconnection detection. (3) Over temperature protection of heat sink of this controller. (4) The abnormal output is connected, but more importantly, 9 inspection item points, which provide remote monitoring, and the contact capacity is 240vac/5a

4. This controller has the CE international safety certification standard

5. It has RST fuse open circuit indicator light of each phase, and provides abnormal output contact, which can be used for system emergency control

6. The action of the cooling fan has temperature control. When the temperature of the heat sink is 55 degrees, it works and stops at 45 degrees, which can increase the service life of the fan by times

7. The use of low harmonic SCR power regulator can reduce the amperage of active filter or passive filter. The market price of active filter is about 1 ampere, and the use of low harmonic SCR power regulator is only 1/20 of the price of active filter

Function Description:

low harmonic series SCR power regulator can improve power quality, reduce total harmonic distortion, increase the yield of products and reduce production costs

q: what is harmonic

a: the frequency of a waveform is several times of the frequency of the basic waveform, and the synthetic wave of the basic wave and harmonic is called distortion. The reinforced coiled material made of fireproof polymer mortar and glass fiber cloth is the surface wave. Ideally, the power system only supplies pollution-free sinusoidal waveform with pure basic wave components, and its power frequency is 60Hz (50Hz), but many modern industrial or information equipment are nonlinear loads, Its load will not only bring a lot of money loss, the current waveform is not sine wave, and many components several times the fundamental frequency can be analyzed in the distorted waveform. These AC periodic waveforms outside the fundamental frequency are called harmonics. If its frequency is n times of the fundamental wave, it is called Nth harmonic

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