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The "bridge builder" of the new era, jlg450a participated in the construction of Hongmei South Road Viaduct Project

the "bridge builder" of the new era, jlg450a participated in the construction of Hongmei South Road Viaduct Project

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September 20, 2016, Shanghai - recently, The world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklift trucks, JLG (jieerjie), has six aerial work platforms JLG 450A stationed at the construction site of Hongmei South Road Elevated project to participate in the construction. The project adopts the new "bent cap attached non floor support" technology, which not only installs the steel formwork without the support, but also poses a great challenge to the construction unit and construction equipment for high-altitude operation. As the largest construction machinery leasing enterprise in China, Shanghai Hongxin equipment Engineering Co., Ltd. recommended JLG 450A aerial work platform to the project contractor. With its excellent performance, it has become the invisible "right arm" of the technology, solved the problems encountered by the new technology in the construction of aerial work, and ensured the smooth adoption of the new technology by the construction party for safe and efficient construction

the elevated road of Hongmei South Road in Shanghai starts from the southwest corner of the central ring road in the north and goes south along Hongmei South Road in the form of an elevated road to Yongde Road, with a total length of 10.4 kilometers. It runs through the densely populated vehicle flow distribution centers such as Fengxian Binhai Area, Nanqiao new city, Zizhu Science Park, Minhang new city, etc. This time, the construction company adopts the technology of "bent cap attached non floor support". The bent cap support is cantilevered on the column with the integrated steel structure, and the vehicles below can pass as usual, which not only relieves the traffic pressure of the surrounding roads during the construction stage, but also avoids the disadvantages of the traditional scaffold construction method that occupies the road and affects the traffic in the surrounding area. However, the new technology puts forward higher requirements for high-altitude operation construction: how to quickly and safely send the constructor to the designated place to install steel formwork without support has become a headache for the construction party

jlg 450A has successfully solved the challenge of "bent cap attached non floor support" technology to aerial work. In the Hongmei South Road Elevated project, 450A is mainly responsible for delivering the construction personnel to the designated colorless crystal or white small spherical solid - Development Center for steel formwork installation, bridge deck bottom grinding and decoration, and its flexible handling, wide scope of operation and other characteristics have been praised by the construction company. In order to reduce the impact on road conditions, the construction area of the construction site is small, and most of the construction is under the bridge, which requires high flexibility of the equipment. 450A has a small rotation radius, which can effectively cross obstacles for operation; Its automatic walking function can not only easily pass through the harsh ground environment, reduce the transportation cost, but also greatly improve the work efficiency and directly shorten the bridge construction cycle

Hongxin equipment is one of the earliest enterprises involved in the leasing of aerial work equipment in China. It not only has a complete range of aerial work products, but also has a deep understanding of China's construction industry. Through on-site inspection of Hongmei South Road Elevated construction site and visiting the construction team, Hongxin equipment carefully understands the construction requirements of customers, and then provides customers with refined and comprehensive solutions that meet the actual needs of construction. Under the diversified leasing service provided by Hongxin equipment, which integrates the suggestions of construction equipment, the Hongmei South Road Elevated project greatly reduces the impact on the normal traffic of the road, reduces the adverse impact of bad foundation and narrow clearance on the capping beam construction, accelerates the progress of the project, and ensures the safety of high-altitude operations. Mr. lichichi, business manager of Shanghai Hongxin equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., said frankly, "this time, JLG has played the role of invisible support in the cap beam attached non floor support technology, ensuring the realization of the technology and the safety of the constructor, and reducing the cycle of the overall project. I believe that with the further acceleration of the progress of Building Mechanization in the future, the method of adding aerial work platforms with fewer people will become more and more popular."

the picture shows JLG 450A transporting constructors to the designated working position at the elevated construction site of Hongmei South Road

jlg Asia Marketing Director Wu Xiaolu said, "With the development of China's economy and the continuous strengthening of the national awareness of production and operation safety, JLG equipment will be used in more urban construction projects in the future, involving more different fields, meeting the needs of customers in different fields at different levels, and providing a steady stream of safe and high-quality services for China's infrastructure construction."

since entering China, JLG has been determined to deeply cultivate the local market and guide China's construction industry with the concept of high-altitude work of Zheng long, Secretary General of the International China synthetic resin supply and Marketing Association. Today, JLG has been loved and recognized by the majority of Chinese users and is widely used in shipyards. Parker company has clearly shifted its business focus to industrial post regeneration, power, warehousing and logistics, airport and construction industries. In view of the continuous development of domestic urban construction, JLG continues to introduce technologies and products suitable for Chinese development characteristics into the local market

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