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John L. grove, the founder of jierjie, won the lifetime achievement award

John L. grove, the founder of jierjie, won the lifetime achievement award

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recently, the late John L. grove, the founder of jierjie (JLG), the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklifts, and the founder of the aerial work platform industry, He was posthumously awarded the lifetime achievement award at the annual international aerial equipment Awards Conference (IAPA) held by the international aerial work platform Alliance (ipaf) in recognition of his outstanding contributions to promoting the development of aerial work equipment

the picture shows: John L. grove, the founder of jierjie, will award the lifelong achievement award every year to pay tribute to those individuals who have made far-reaching contributions to the aerial work equipment industry and played an important role in the industry for a long time

Frank nerenhausen, global president of jierjie Co., Ltd., said,

"on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of jierjie company by Mr. John L. grove, this honor makes us very proud and encourages us to continue to innovate like Mr. John L. grove."

"John's invention is widely used all over the world. It makes workers safer and more convenient to reach the construction site."

grove's contribution to the aerial work platform industry can be traced back to January 9, 1969, when he conceived the idea of conducting aerial work in a safer way and convened a team to put it into practice

with the birth of the world's first aerial work platform JLG 1, this idea has become a reality. Today, Mr. grove focuses on safety and innovation to avoid major accidents. God is still carried forward around the world through more than 6000 jieerjie employees

the picture shows: the world's first aerial work platform jlg1

since the invention of the first aerial work platform, jieerjie has created many industry firsts, including:

★ in 1981, the mechanical swing shaft was introduced for arm and scissors aerial work platforms

★ in 1999, arm type aerial work platform equipment powered by pure fuel cells was launched

★ in 2000, the first 60 foot environmental protection electric boom type aerial work platform was launched

★ the first 150 foot straight arm aerial work platform was launched in 2011

★ in 2014, jierjie launched the world's highest self-propelled aerial work platform 1850sj, with a working height of 185 feet, breaking the record maintained by jierjie itself

★ in the same year, jieerjie launched the industry's first hybrid diesel/electric aerial work platform h340aj

nerenhausen added,

"I don't think Mr. grove started his business with 213 external windows, skylights, doors and curtain walls. He thought that just 50 years later, he would have such a far-reaching impact on global construction sites. Inspired by Mr. Grove's achievements, jierjie will continue to carry forward his innovative spirit of being good at stimulating user needs, and continue to lead the aerial work platform industry in the next 50 years.

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