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Go hand in hand, build a good dream together - Jiatong tire 2020 dealer conference was held grandly

go hand in hand, build a good dream together - Jiatong tire 2020 dealer conference was held grandly

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on December 16, Jiatong tire 2020 dealer conference was held grandly in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Hundreds of dealer representatives from all over the country gathered together, with the theme of "walking hand in hand, building a good dream together", to cheer up and concentrate, jointly analyze and discuss the current market situation, gain insight into the development trend of the industry, clarify the target direction, and convey the brand positioning, channel and business strategy of Jiatong. At the meeting, Mr. chenfuzhong, director of Jiatong tire market and sales, delivered a wonderful speech and commended excellent dealers

Jiatong tire 2020 annual dealer conference was held grandly

implement special measures

achieve double harvests in sales and profits

in 2020, the general market environment was generally depressed. In the face of the severe and complex new economic situation in the "post epidemic era", Jiatong quickly adjusted its thinking in combination with the actual situation, carried out comprehensive special measures in product supply, channel support, personnel training, etc., and walked hand in hand with dealers and retail store partners, While enhancing the value of the channel, we should constantly improve the user experience. Thanks to the efficient implementation of these new measures, the sales volume of Jiatong tire in China's replacement market grew steadily in 2020, and was favored by more high-end car owners and large group users, successfully achieving a bumper harvest of sales and profits

Jiatong passenger tires continue the sales myth

achieve the preferred brand for car owners

in 2020, Jiatong passenger tires will continue to maintain the sales myth that the annual sales of a single brand will exceed 10 million in China's replacement market. Mr. Luo Bohua, executive vice president of Jiatong passenger tire department, said that this was inseparable from the intensive cultivation of Jiatong in products, channels and services over the years

relying on the advanztech Lingyue technology platform, Jiatong passenger car tires will realize product iterative upgrading in 2020, and has launched a number of fifth generation products such as F22, F50, E1, etc., which have won the trust of more high-end car owners. It is reported that the compound growth rate of Jiatong passenger tire replacement market for high-end products above 18 inches in recent five years is nearly 30%. At the same time, the fifth generation of Jiatong passenger car tyres also won a large order for the improvement of the biological properties of GAC's traditional biomedical materials and the supporting new models such as Qi, laying a solid foundation for the continuous development of the subsequent stock market. According to president Luo, the sixth generation products will also be introduced to you in the near future

good products also need good services. After years of development, Jiatong passenger retail network has reached the scale of more than 30000, providing close and accessible services for the majority of car owners. In recent years, Jiatong has further implemented hierarchical management of its retail network. Through strong support for high-level retail stores such as star rated stores and central stores, it provides richer digital management tools and systematic online and offline training plans to help the stable development of channels, so as to continuously meet the more professional tire needs of car owners and more comprehensive car maintenance needs, and create the preferred tire brand for car owners

Jiatong passenger tire has become the preferred tire brand for Chinese car owners

Jiatong commercial vehicle tire bucked the trend and broke the situation

achieved a breakthrough by leaps and bounds

according to Mr. Fang Cheng, vice president of Jiatong commercial vehicle tire department, after years of unremitting efforts in terms of brand, products, channels and so on, Jiatong commercial vehicle tire business achieved a breakthrough by leaps and bounds in 2020. Under the major impact of the epidemic in the first quarter, From the second quarter to the fourth quarter, the sales volume reversed, with a year-on-year increase of 20%, and more than 70% of the provinces and cities achieved year-on-year sales growth

in order to deal with the situation that there are many brands, models and complex use scenarios of commercial vehicles in China, Jiatong commercial vehicle tires optimize the brand structure, adopt the brand strategy of "four-wheel drive", and strive to build four major brands of Jiatong, jia'an, great wall and ludjin. In 2020, Jiatong's flagship commercial tire products, Shenju series, will add two more heroes -- Jiatong gar863 and jia'an par883, which will condense cutting-edge technology, reduce costs and increase efficiency for users, and the sales volume will continue to rise

Jiatong commercial tire provides customized tire solutions for large fleets, and cooperates with central enterprise giants such as PetroChina and Sinopec to continue in-depth cooperation with leading rapid logistics enterprises such as Zhongtong and Shentong, as well as local bus companies. At the same time, adhere to the deep cultivation of channels and enabling channels, carry out and implement a series of training plans, and constantly improve the service capacity of retail networks. Adhering to the concept of "accompany all the way, care of Jiatong", the Jiatong tire technical service team, combined with the new cloud live broadcast method, has created a new chapter in the roadshow, benefiting more truck drivers. Whether it is a large group user or a truck driver, Jiatong commercial tire has always been committed to becoming a tire brand worthy of recommendation

Jiatong commercial tire has become a tire brand worthy of recommendation

build a "good" dream together

realize the brand vision

at this meeting, Mr. chenfuzhong, director of Jiatong tire market and sales, vividly interpreted the current industry status and future trends, and at the same time, deeply analyzed the future road of high-quality development of Jiatong tire. Director Chen said that the focus of Jiatong's work in recent years and the next few years will always focus on technology driven, digital driven and talent driven, adhere to good products, powerful enabling channels, focus on user experience, promote value chain profitability, and finally realize the brand vision. With excellent products and professional services, Jiatong will continue to interpret the brand value, highlight the brand strength, improve the brand image, and work together with channels to create a better future for Jiatong tires

go hand in hand and build a better dream

"go hand in hand and build a better dream". The successful convening of this meeting not only enabled the representatives of Jiatong dealers across the country to have a deeper understanding of the development strategy and market layout of Jiatong tires, but also conveyed the brand vitality and confidence of Jiatong tires' continuous progress and innovation. Jiatong will not forget its original intention, be down-to-earth, carefully listen to the demands of every consumer, and strive to become the preferred tire brand for Chinese car owners and a tire brand worthy of recommendation

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