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Join forces to create brilliance - Honeywell process control department user conference held in Beijing

Honeywell process control department 2008 China user conference was held in Beijing recently. The theme of this user conference in China is "join forces to create brilliance". This user conference covers a wide range of industries, covering almost all process industries such as petroleum and petrochemical, hydrocarbon processing, electric power, paper making, chemical industry, coal and mineral resources. Nearly 200 industrial users and experts in the field of process control gathered in Beijing to jointly face the rising costs and the pressure of increasing resource shortages, and discuss how to deepen cooperation in the field of process control, And through the application of Honeywell's effective advanced process solutions and full life cycle services to ensure the reliability, safety and efficiency of enterprise production and operation, so as to achieve strong growth

the annual event of Honeywell's process control division aims to strengthen communication and cooperation with industry users and share Honeywell's latest technologies and solutions in the field of process control. Among them, Honeywell's "full life cycle management" services, "Honeywell energy industry solutions" and "Honeywell onewireless wireless solutions" have attracted much attention. This user conference includes nearly a number of keynote speeches, group discussions, solution demonstrations, etc., to understand the practical needs of users through various forms and strive to provide them with "customized" solutions

at this user conference, Honeywell made a keynote speech on its full life cycle management, and also showed that many good properties of nanoparticles are related to surface properties. When talking about this full life cycle management, Honeywell also showed an application example in the domestic petrochemical industry, Mr. harsh chitale, vice president of strategy and global marketing of Honeywell process control department, said: "We pay attention to the needs of customers in the whole life cycle, which is a main way for us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Horney's products and solutions will support its original products and solutions, continue to launch innovative products, and fully protect legacy assets. It also ensures that when users" upgrade ", they can, Users need not worry about the losses caused by unplanned downtime caused by the upgrading of the control system. "

in response to the problem of how to improve the efficiency of energy utilization that users are generally concerned about, Honeywell focused on introducing its latest energy solutions and successful cases at home and abroad at the conference of the user's computer control system controlling servo electromechanical rotation through DC speed regulation system. Honeywell pays attention to the clean energy industry, including how to realize "clean combustion furnaces" and how to ensure that these combustion furnaces are more efficient, In terms of environmental protection, Honeywell has mature solutions and successful applications, Amit Kansal, global business director of power industry of Honeywell process control department, pointed out: "Honeywell's strategy is to focus on realizing efficient, clean and environmental friendly power energy solutions, especially providing mature solutions for customers in advanced combustion control, advanced temperature and pressure control, plant operation monitoring and diagnosis, etc. at the same time, Honeywell implements optimization solutions and advanced control solutions at the upper level of providing process solutions, including combustion control, emission control, etc., which can help enterprises show To achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction. According to the actual application statistics of Shanghai Petrochemical Jinshan self owned power plant, our combustion furnace efficiency has increased by 1.5%, the steam outlet temperature has increased by 10 degrees Celsius, and the overall efficiency of the equipment has increased by 1%. "

Honeywell's onewireless wireless solution, integrated safety system solution, oil blending, irrigation area management and other aspects also show mature solutions and application examples. At the same time, some cutting-edge technologies, such as "gate design C of integrated gasification combined cycle (igc2)", are introduced in detail

Mr. Dachuan Zhang, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Asia Pacific region, said when summarizing this user meeting: "for this user meeting, we regard it as an opportunity for us to communicate with users face to face every year. We communicate with each other and help users improve production and operation performance and achieve strong growth by discussing and helping to design and manufacture new products and solutions."

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