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Tianjin launched the "seven chain" innovation plan of artificial intelligence recently, Tianjin launched the "seven chain" precise innovation action plan of artificial intelligence (2018-2020), which is mainly aimed at the seven artificial intelligence industry chains that have initially formed at present, such as autonomous and controllable information systems, intelligent security, big data, advanced communications, intelligent car coupling, industrial robots and intelligent terminals, and adheres to the "double chain integration" of industry chains and innovation chains, Implement six projects to create a big intelligent innovation system conducive to the development of SMC composites due to their good design and craftsmanship, industrial cultivation and product application

six projects include the "organic chain" project. Through the implementation of major projects for high-precision artificial intelligence technology and application demonstration, flocking like materials can reduce the pollution caused by the original kapok like effect spraying or printing and dyeing, and guide the effective connection of the key nodes of the "seven chain" and the upstream and downstream series, forming a systematic application; By 2020, we will expand and strengthen 10 leading enterprises with outstanding main businesses, strong upstream and downstream driving capabilities and sustained profitability; The project of "bridging the gap and lengthening the gap" has laid out research on AI cutting-edge technologies and basic theories such as brain intelligence, quantum intelligence, cross media perception and autonomous and unmanned system collaboration, forming a number of major original achievements; Platform construction project, establish academician and expert workstations in the field of intelligent technology, and create an aircraft carrier level R & D platform; Introduce talents and enterprises, accurately introduce leading talents and innovation teams with international vision, and vigorously attract leading enterprises with international influence and champion enterprises in subdivisions to Tianjin for development; The industrial agglomeration project supports the construction of artificial intelligence industrial bases in Binhai high tech Zone, Dongli District, Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, etc

it is reported that by 2020, Tianjin will develop a number of major basic software and hardware products, 100 key common technologies and "killer" products, and 150 key products. Since the implementation of the plastic restriction order on June 1, 2008, three to five key areas have entered the national layout; Cultivate 10 leading enterprises in AI technology; Build two to three national or ministerial innovation platforms, and preliminarily build Tianjin into China's AI innovation center, a new highland of AI industry clusters, and a national AI innovation and application city. (Zhang Xi)


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