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Join hands to build a green Great Wall Hitachi construction machinery starts the construction of public welfare forests in the new decade

join hands to build a green Great Wall Hitachi construction machinery starts the construction of public welfare forests in the new decade

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for 14 years, the "Hitachi construction machinery forest" of 330000 square meters has built a green barrier in desert barren land to protect the ecological future of Horqin Region. On September 10, 2019, a volunteer team composed of Hitachi construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd., Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Hitachi construction machinery (China) evergreen Association, NGO greening network and media once again came to the site of the public welfare forest project to recall their hard work in rain and wind, and to break the ground and sow seeds for the new phase of 100000 square meters of forest land construction

Horqin Desert, where the "Hitachi construction machinery forest" is located, is one of the areas with the most serious desertification in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In the past 14 years, as an important environmental mission of the enterprise, Hitachi construction machinery started the greening activities of Horqin Desert in 2005, and completed the first phase of 100000 square meters of afforestation in 2014. Subsequently, Hitachi construction machinery launched the second 10-year plan of 130000 square meters, and jointly launched the third 10-year plan with suppliers in 2017, expanding the public welfare forest area to 330000 square meters, realizing forest restoration and biodiversity maintenance, and significantly improving the local natural and social appearance

Hitachi Jianji forest phase IV project launch

this time, I came to Jianji forest again. Zhang Xin introduced that more than 30 volunteers witnessed the launch of phase IV project. In the next ten years, Hitachi construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd. will work with Hitachi construction machinery (China) evergreen society to restore about 100000 square meters of sandy land, continue to expand the achievements of public welfare forest construction, and benefit local residents

On the day of the activity, volunteers planted the first batch of pine trees for the new public welfare forest. From digging, planting, landfilling to watering, every link of sand planting is quite stable and difficult, which makes volunteers personally experience the hard work of public welfare forest construction and praise the builders silently. The party also drove to the location of the public welfare forest project, which was put into construction in 2005, 2014 and 2017 respectively, to visit the magnificent achievements of the forest of construction machinery in the past 14 years

volunteers from all sides work together to enhance the public welfare forest

in the process of continuous construction of the forest of machinery under construction, groups of volunteers grow together with the public welfare forest and contribute their part to the construction of green barriers. A volunteer who participated in the activity said, "this is my third time to come to the forest of construction machinery, and each time I can feel new changes and new shocks. I hope that in the future, more people can join the team of sand greening restoration, and work together to make their homes more beautiful."

as the philosophy that Hitachi Group and Hitachi construction machinery have been adhering to, "promoting environmental management" has become the consensus of all machine builders. From production and service to public welfare forest construction and various social public welfare activities, Hitachi construction machinery's green practice has been carried out continuously, and has been unanimously affirmed by the Chinese government, partners, customers and the public. After more than ten years of careful construction, Jianji forest has become an important barrier for wind and sand fixation in Horqin area. With the increasing investment of Hitachi construction machinery and the joint participation of dealers and supplier partners across the country, the regional ecology will be further optimized, and it is expected to reproduce the style of the prairie in the past

in the new decade, Hitachi construction machinery will spare no effort to deepen CSR management, so that the "Hitachi construction machinery public welfare forest" project shows more prominent ecological value, economic value and social value, and realizes high-quality and sustainable "symbiotic development"

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