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Work together to develop the IT market and create a brilliant future

Emerson Network energy is the business brand of Emerson (NYSE Stock Code: EMR). It is a global leader in "key business fully guaranteed TM result display". They are the first domestic non-ferrous industry aluminum power 1 industrial model; Led the establishment of a strategic alliance for innovation in energy-efficient aluminum electrolysis technology; Successfully developed large-scale aluminum electrolysis series non-stop slotting technology; Developed the first 320ka and 400kA large-scale energy-saving aluminum electrolysis production line in China; The new technology of low temperature and low voltage aluminum electrolysis has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China; The high-temperature superconducting DC transmission cable jointly researched with the Chinese Academy of Sciences has achieved engineering demonstration operation in the 320ka electrolytic aluminum production workshop; Guide to complete the transformation of the new steady flow energy-saving electrolytic cell. On July 31, 2008, Cisco China's FY2009 partner summit opened in Kunming. Emerson Energy Co., Ltd., as a global partner of Cisco's strategic alliance, attended the meeting. As the global leader in computer room infrastructure solutions, Emerson Network Energy presented two series of excellent products: it solutions and XD high heat density refrigeration solutions at the summit, showing its strong ability to provide solutions

in the past two years, Emerson energy and Cisco have entered a stage of comprehensive cooperation. The common concept of developing green data center makes the two industry-leading enterprises closely combine to provide customers with the best quality solutions and services when the time is ripe. Cisco is the leader of global network solutions, and Emerson Network energy is the leader of global computer room infrastructure solutions. The cooperation between the two sides is not only the development of enterprise strategic alliance, but also promotes the improvement of overall solution level, accelerates the growth and development of IT market, and leads the direction of the industry

at this summit, Emerson Network energy showed its market leading products and solutions to the general managers of three Cisco distribution agents, about 100 first-class agents and 200 second-class agents, a total of more than 500 representatives. For the IT channel market, Emerson Network Energy exhibited it solutions composed of server cabinets, rack UPS, PDU and other products; For the data center market, XD high heat density refrigeration solutions with high reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection are displayed. This exhibition provides Cisco's Chinese partners with an opportunity to intuitively understand the leading technologies and products of Emerson energy and appreciate the brand image of Emerson energy

Emerson Network Energy said that the achievements of the cooperation between the two brands are obvious to all. In November last year, it jointly held a data center forum with Cisco to provide infrastructure solutions for the Cisco exhibition hall in Shanghai. Emerson road energy and Cisco's strategic partnership is moving towards a new development journey. At the same time, as a mature strategic alliance enterprise, Emerson energy also hopes to let Cisco partners know more about Emerson's strength, pay attention to Emerson energy, and establish long-term communication and contact with each other, so as to create more business cooperation opportunities with each other, and finally achieve the goal of stabilizing the Alliance relationship and expanding the cooperation effect. Emerson Network energy will continue to work together with Cisco to explore the growing IT market and jointly create a brilliant future

about Emerson energy

Emerson energy is a business brand owned by Emerson (NYSE: EMR). It is a global leader in "key business full assurance TM", providing a comprehensive guarantee from network to chip for communication networks, data centers, healthcare and industrial facilities. Emerson energy provides customers with innovative solutions and expertise in the fields of AC and DC power supply, precision refrigeration, embedded computing and power supply, integrated racks and cabinets, transfer switches, power and environmental monitoring, connectivity, solar energy and wind energy. All solutions can be fully supported by local Emerson energy professional service personnel worldwide. For more information about Emerson energy's products and services, please visit

about Emerson

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is a leading company in the world. The company combines technology and engineering to provide customers with innovative solutions in the fields of network energy, process management, industrial automation, environmental optimization technology, home appliances and tools. The company's sales in fiscal 2007 amounted to $22billion. For further information, please visit the company station, said Wu Kunyuan, chairman of Tongling Ambo circuit board Co., Ltd. (global) (China)

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