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Abstract: after decades of development, China has made breakthroughs in the field of environmental monitoring. Especially in recent years, with the support of relevant national policies, some manufacturers in the market will continue to follow up and local departments will attach great importance to the cause of environmental protection. Many environmental monitoring stations and related instruments and equipment have begun to put into environmental protection work, The demand for ion chromatography is becoming increasingly prominent, and the industry prospect is particularly promising

with the increasingly severe environmental protection situation in China, the environmental monitoring industry has ushered in broad prospects for development. After decades of development, China has made breakthroughs in the field of environmental monitoring. Especially in recent years, with the continuous follow-up of relevant national policies and the high attention of local departments to environmental protection, many environmental monitoring stations and related instruments and equipment have begun to put into environmental protection work. Among them, the demand for ion chromatography is gradually prominent, and the industry prospect is particularly promising

ion chromatography is a kind of high performance liquid chromatography, a liquid chromatography method for analyzing anion and cation, and a necessary analysis tool for environmental protection, quality inspection and other relevant departments to obtain basic data. Ion chromatograph (LC) has a history of nearly 30 years since it was proposed by all et al. In 1975. It is a kind of liquid chromatography. Because of its wide application, it has gradually become an independent category

especially with the development of modern industry, environmental protection issues are affected, and the acceptance of waste foamed plastics is gradually rising to a high level of the whole society. 1. The losses of enterprises in China's paper industry are expanding. As an important resource of the natural environment, the pollution problem of water is becoming more and more serious, and ion chromatography technology, as an important analysis means of anions and cations in water, is favored in water environment monitoring. Which is better, single column tensile testing machine or double column tensile testing machine? In the analysis of water quality, especially in the analysis of drinking water, in addition to the rapid analysis of thirteen common anions and cations (f-, cl-, br-, no3-, no2-, so42-, po43-, Li, Na, NH4, K, Mg2, Ca2), it can also accurately quantify the disinfection by-products that have been listed in the drinking water must test project by the U.S. EPA (relevant standards are being formulated in China), such as chlorite, hypochlorite, chloride, bromate, bromide, etc. At the same time, cyanide, chromium with different valence, silicon dioxide, some heavy metals and organic acids can also be analyzed. The residual concentrations of coagulants Al and Fe commonly used in water treatment can also be accurately determined, which is an important analytical method in the field of water quality and environment

nowadays, as people attach great importance to environmental pollution, the environmental testing industry is showing a good situation of development. Local environmental monitoring stations have also established and equipped with a variety of instruments and equipment to jointly support China's environmental protection cause. On the morning of July 3, zhuyongguan, director of the Institute of urban environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and peiyoukang, an academician of the American Academy of engineering and professor of the University of Minnesota, unveiled the "atmospheric environment observation super station". It is understood that the super station has a total of more than 30 observation instruments (sets), including five observation modules, including routine atmospheric meteorological parameters, routine air quality parameters, aerosol physical and chemical characteristics, photochemical pollutants and precursors, and heavy metal pollutants such as atmospheric mercury. The main instruments include routine air quality monitors, particulate water-soluble ion chromatography monitors, single particle aerosol mass spectrometers, etc

it can be seen that as the environmental monitoring industry is hot, relevant instruments will also usher in a good momentum of development. As a kind of analytical instruments, the market demand of ion chromatograph is also gradually highlighting. However, for many years, due to the large gap between the domestic ion chromatograph and the international level, especially the insufficient or insufficient manufacturing technology of several core components such as chromatographic column and suppressor, the domestic ion chromatograph market is mainly monopolized by foreign companies. This has resulted in the current situation that "imported ion chromatographs are expensive and users cannot afford to buy them; domestic ion chromatographs are unstable and users dare not use them", which restricts the wide application of ion chromatographs

according to statistics, at present, there are more than 100 application standards of ion chromatography in the world, but only more than 40 in China. Therefore, the development of ion chromatography columns has become one of the important ways to expand the market of ion chromatography in China. Considering from the national level, it is believed that more ion chromatography application standards will be released in the future, which will promote the ion chromatography market in China to have a substantial improvement

in terms of the recent progress of ion chromatography, China's ion chromatography industry is in a gradual development trend, and its prospect is very considerable. According to Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau, on April 18, the national major scientific instrument and equipment development special project "development and industrialization of multifunctional ion chromatograph" passed the acceptance of the national technical expert group in Qingdao. It is reported that the project has successfully developed cic-d160 and cic-500 ion chromatograph engineering prototypes, which not only fills the gap of domestic medium and high-end instrument products, but also has important social and economic significance for breaking the monopoly position of similar foreign products in China's market. It can be seen that China's ion chromatography industry is rising and has broad development space. In the future, it is believed that with the continuous improvement of domestic scientific research level, China will also make major breakthroughs in the research and development of ion chromatographs and other related instruments, and domestic instruments will usher in a better development trend

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