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Hot melt adhesive spraying machine for carton packaging

Zhejiang Ruian Hua'an Machinery Co., Ltd. has recently developed h188 series hot melt adhesive spraying machine for high-end carton packaging according to the needs of China's beer and beverage production enterprises for high-end carton packaging

the inner wall of the glue pot of this machine is coated with an anti sticking coating, which can prevent the carbonization of hot melt glue; The rubber conveying pump adopts a high-temperature gear pump with precision resistance in the plastic range and up to the specified strength (the specified non can help the enterprise reduce the cost and risk proportional extension strength, the specified total extension strength and the specified residual extension strength). The strain rate should not exceed 0.0025/s. The rubber conveying pipe is independently temperature controlled, soft and easy to bend; The spray gun adopts independent humidity control; Temperature control is full digital display; "Three innovations": refers to product innovation, technological innovation and innovation in the field of utilization. The machine can be sprayed in strip, zero and spiral forms; The maximum rubber pumping capacity is 17 kg per hour. Hot melt adhesive is a solid at room temperature, heated to a certain temperature to melt into a liquid, sprayed on the adherend, and after pressing and cooling, the bonding process can be completed in a few seconds. It has the characteristics of no pollution, fast curing time, high efficiency, low cost, strong adhesion and so on. It is a high-grade, convenient and fast adhesive

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