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From the perspective of hot stamping technology, hot stamping equipment (I)

in the fierce market competition, in order to highlight the beauty of product packaging, increase the added value of products and more effectively carry out package anti-counterfeiting, more and more product packaging adopts hot stamping equipment, which should have the characteristics of high speed, high accuracy, convenient operation and wide application range

the market demand for hot stamping equipment has driven the continuous updating and creation of hot stamping equipment manufacturers. In the face of many equipment manufacturers and colorful hot stamping equipment, it is particularly important for printing manufacturers to carefully select and match hot stamping equipment

at present, the hot stamping process can be divided into three main ways: ordinary hot stamping, hot stamping and embossing completed at one time, and hologram trademark hot stamping

I. ordinary hot stamping

according to the different anodized materials, ordinary hot stamping is divided into different production processes of ordinary anodized, so it is difficult to peel off laser anodized in hot stamping, which reflects the appearance of inaccurate anodized hot stamping, incomplete peeling, and spots that cannot be scalded. At this time, contact the aluminum material supplier, According to the texture of the hot stamping substrate (printing material), the supplier should provide more suitable electrochemical aluminum materials, while in ordinary electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, the most appropriate temperature, speed and pressure should be selected according to the new climate requirements of different electrochemical aluminum manufacturers, so as to achieve the best effect of hot stamping

the commonly used hot stamping processes include round press hot stamping and flat press hot stamping, among which round press hot stamping has many unique features due to its line contact

1. A wide range of hot stamping substrates

different hot stamping substrates have different requirements for anodized and hot stamping equipment. Since anodized has certain adaptability requirements for hot stamping substrates, before hot stamping on different substrate surfaces, you should first check the anodized models applied to different materials from the anodized supplier, such as hot stamping on white cardboard, ink layer, UV ink and composite film. The required anodized materials are slightly not obtained through cooperation with Siemens. In addition, for different hot stamping substrates, choose (for example, it is also particularly important to select appropriate equipment for the clamping surface of the fixture of samples such as plastic film and fiber wire. For example, when hot stamping on the coated paper, the thermal contact time between anodized aluminum and thin wax should not be too long, but it should also ensure that anodized aluminum can be transferred normally. Therefore, when anodized aluminum is used for the same kind of coating, only the round flattening hot stamping method can be competent. Because the round flattening hot stamping method is line contact, the hot stamping time of the whole paper is relatively long Long, but the contact time evenly distributed on each line is very short, so the film coating will not be damaged, and the temperature is uniform, which can show the bright effect of hot stamping anodized aluminum

2. Suitable for large-area hot stamping

when hot stamping large-area anodized aluminum (truthfully, through plate lines), the round pressing hot stamping method is also better than the flat pressing hot stamping method. Because the line contact method with flat round hardness is easier to peel off the anodized aluminum and completely eliminate the air, it effectively solves the phenomena of false hot stamping and plate pasting that often occur in flat pressing and hot stamping

in order to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting and improving the added value of goods, most products in modern hot stamping are registration hot stamping, and the accuracy requirements are very high. The MK series circular press stamping machine of Youheng company is improved on the basis of the original Heidelberg embossing machine. With the help of the superior performance of the world's excellent printing machine, after thorough renovation, the repeated hot stamping accuracy can meet the requirements of four-color printing, so it provides a strong guarantee for hot stamping, and the repeated hot stamping accuracy can reach within plus or minus 0.02mm. However, if such equipment is not completely renovated, it is difficult to meet such accuracy requirements

although the flat press bronzing machine has great difficulties in solving the problem of hot stamping accuracy, it has fast hot stamping speed and is suitable for processing large quantities of long version activities

at present, domestic flat press and hot stamping equipment is limited by material and heat treatment process, and the accuracy of secondary repeated overprint needs to be improved; And the high-precision boster bronzing machine is expensive. Therefore, based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, key materials, components and parts, Youheng company launched the flat press hot stamping machine. The secondary hot stamping accuracy can reach plus or minus 0.085mm, which basically meets the customer's requirements for overprint. At the same time, it overcomes the low-speed problem of the circular press hot stamping machine, and the maximum hot stamping speed can reach 5000 sheets/hour

the above are the advantages and disadvantages of flat bronzing and circular bronzing machines in terms of thick paper hot stamping. When ironing thin paper, you should choose the advantages and disadvantages of printing. When ironing thin paper, you should choose a round press bronzing machine, because the flat pressing equipment is limited by the structure, it is difficult to control the paper moving stability of thin paper in operation. In mass production, stamping thin paper with flat pressing equipment will be sketched into a large scrap rate, which is not worth the loss compared with high speed

second, hot stamping and embossing are completed at one time

in fact, as early as the early 1980s, many manufacturers in China have made an attempt to complete hot stamping and embossing, but the process only stays at the level of scalding slightly embossed words in the blank with low accuracy. In recent years, more and more manufacturers require to complete the set ironing on the products at the last time, and require to press and print obvious concave and convex graphics and texts. The key to this torque time technology lies in plate making. After corrosion, the graphic part of the ordinary hot stamping plate is rectangular lines, while the graphic part of the hot stamping and embossing one-time forming hot stamping plate requires rounded lines. Therefore, the hot stamping plate used for hot stamping and embossing one-time forming should be treated twice after corrosion, and the number of domestic artists proficient in this process is decreasing year by year, which limits this process. As a last resort, many manufacturers had to go abroad to make plates. Kurtz company, a well-known foreign plate making company, uses advanced electric engraving method to produce hot stamping. The hot stamping plate with concave convex one-time forming has high precision. Although it is expensive, the hot stamping effect is very exquisite

when selecting equipment for this process, we must choose a hot stamping machine with high precision, because this process requires two concave convex templates. Once the machine precision is not enough, the punch will be damaged. Although the precision of the round pressing and hot stamping equipment is high, it is difficult to operate. Special attention should be paid to the thickness of the drum lining and the height of the lower plate table to ensure that the central line speed of the equipment is consistent, otherwise it will cause the plate catching phenomenon due to the inconsistent linear speed. Because of the accuracy of most flat stamping machines, the position of the version will change after the second version, which is also easy to cause damage to the punch. The MK series A-type circle newly launched by Youheng company is a patented lifting table device for fossil fuel based material flattening and bronzing machine, which effectively solves the above problems. At present, it is being promoted. If you use the constant flattening bronzing machine, the operation will be more convenient than the round flattening bronzing machine. However, no matter what equipment is used in this process, it needs to be carefully adjusted. (to be continued)

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