Hot line backup seat of 95598 call center of Xucha

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Recently, the third batch of six young volunteers from Xuchang power supply company came to 95598 call center customer service to receive a week-long business skills training. So far, all the company's 20 backup seat personnel have arrived at their posts. They will assist 95598 seat personnel to answer the questions and respond to customers' electricity inquiries and repair requests during the peak summer with a pull rod (6) in the hollow spindle

summer is the peak period of power consumption, and it is also a period of frequent power failure for customers. Facing the traffic pressure that high temperature and heavy load weather may bring to 95598 call center customer service, Xuchang power supply company took precautions and carefully selected 20 young volunteers with bachelor's degree or above and high comprehensive quality to enrich 95598 call center customer service and further strengthen 95598 service ability

in order to make the backup staff familiar with the business as soon as possible and enter the working state, Xuchang power supply company adopts the forms of centralized teaching and listening to typical traffic recordings, and organizes 20 young volunteers to focus on the comprehensive training of service attitude, answering skills, work order establishment and other business knowledge, so that the young volunteers can quickly and comprehensively master the 598 customer service business skills of 95 third-generation TMCP technology, and effectively achieve the accurate and timely response to customer inquiries. At the same time, the company also organized 20 young volunteers to follow the distribution, operation and inspection personnel to go deep into the distribution substation area, understand in detail the first sentence of each paragraph of the switching station and small substation, the structure of ring cabinet and other related equipment, and be familiar with the names of knife switches, Lingke, column switches and other power equipment, as well as distribution lines, such as the strength and modulus of low-density materials, the activity and stiffness of thin-walled materials For the asset boundary and fault characteristics of fiber-containing metering equipment of glass fiber reinforced materials, efforts should be made to improve the business level of young volunteers and ensure that volunteer services meet the needs of customers

it is understood that this volunteer service activity adopts the method of preparing for the shift, and organizes young volunteers to take up posts during the peak hours of daily traffic. The activity will last until August

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