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Titanium dioxide prices adjusted slightly in the off-season

16 chemical products tracked by China Merchants chemical industry this week rose 8 and fell 6, and the prosperity index of China Merchants chemical industry was -6, month on month, which also slowed down the pressure on lead smelting costs. The varieties with rising prices are: hydrochloric acid, PVC; The products with simple operation include nitric acid, polypropylene, butadiene rubber, butadiene, pure benzene, toluene, urea and calcium carbide. Of the 99 chemical related products we monitored, the average prices of 20 rose month on month, 44 fell and 35 remained flat

the price of chemical products rose or fell by top 10 this week. Varieties with the highest increase: liquid chlorine (Yangtze River Delta, 37.9%), methanol (Yangtze River Delta, 5.1%), DAP (Yangtze River Delta, 4.7%), NYMEX natural gas (4.5%), PTA, naphtha (Singapore, 2.4%), PET chips, dichloromethane (East China, -3.4%), pure benzene (FOB South Korea, -3.1%), toluene (East China, -3.1%), aniline (East China, -2.9%)

PTA rose slightly under the weakness of crude oil. The decline in crude oil led to the fall in the price of petroleum products. The price of upstream material PX has fallen to $1000/ton, and the cost support has weakened. Suppliers are expected to reduce production strongly, shipments in the spot market are reduced, and downstream demand is picking up against the season. PTA prices rose by 4.3% this week to close at 5720 yuan/ton, actively improving its development, while medium and long-term supply and demand are still unbalanced, which is not very optimistic. Related companies include Hengyi petrochemical and Rongsheng petrochemical

titanium dioxide entered the off-season, and the price fell slightly. This week, the price of rutile titanium dioxide fell slightly to 12800 yuan/ton, down 1.3% from last week. Demand is off-season, inventory is accumulated, and there is great pressure to collect money at the end of the year. Large enterprises "reduce prices and promote sales", and prices are suppressed. Likong Jinpu titanium, Bailian, etc

the prices of raw materials and polymerized MDI fell together. Crude oil prices fell, while the prices of pure benzene and aniline continued to adjust, falling by 3.1% and 2. 5% respectively this week The packaging materials of waste foam granulator are applied to meet the increasing requirements of modified plastics market for packaging quality and quantity, and the cost is down by 9%; When the winter off-season came, the price of aggregated MDI fell back, closing at 15650 yuan/ton, down 1.6%, and the price difference widened. Related companies include Wanhua chemical

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