Hot metal fast analyzer in front of the furnace

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Hot metal rapid analyzer in front of the furnace

functional features "br", "br", "br", "br"

(1) detection of carbon and silicon. (2) Detection of carbon equivalent. (3) Temperature measurement. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br

(4) judgment of spheroidization rate and creep rate (5) judgment of tensile strength. (6) Setting of target material. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br

(7) automatically calculate the addition amount of carburizer, ferrosilicon and scrap steel. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

(9) preservation and reproduction of data. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

(10) can be connected to the company's management network system. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

(11) USB interface is set to access data at will. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br

(12) connect the printer to print data and copy pictures. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

(13) switching of Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature. (14) Determination of primary crystallization temperature and eutectic temperature. "Br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

(15) there are 20 measuring lines, which can be set according to the actual situation of molten iron in each factory to make the detection more accurate. Detection accuracy: C%: ± 0 refrigerator): overload thermal relay (protect the overload of blower and refrigerator) 03si%: ± 0.05 spheroidization rate: ± 5. BR, Br, Br, Br, bmaximum test force is 50knr, Br

test range: 1. For general machines, in order to ensure normal use, in addition to the correct installation method, sometimes correct commissioning is required. For tensile testing machines, necessary commissioning must be carried out after installation Our company specializes in the production and sales of tensile testing machines and other experimental equipment. In order to make our customers better use our products, the following is to introduce the debugging method of tensile testing machines Carbon equivalent (CE): 3.0 ~ 4.8. Carbon content (c%): 2.5 ~ 4.8. Silicon content (Si%): 0.5 ~ 3.5 "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

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