Key points of safety in basic construction of the

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Key safety points in basic construction of construction enterprises

1. when slaking lime, it is not allowed to feed the plastic extruder while soaking in water. The international influence of the plastic extruder industry continues to rise, and the personnel should avoid it to prevent scalding

2. if there is looseness, when lime is stacked along the shoulder for digestion, water shall be sprayed or splashed slowly, and the operator shall stand upwind

3. when loading, unloading, spreading and turning powdery materials, operators shall stand on the windward side, mix and turn gently to reduce dust, and wear masks or other protective articles. Bulk powdery materials should be transported by the powder transport vehicle, otherwise the vehicle shall be covered with tarpaulin. Loading and unloading shall not be carried out in windy weather as far as possible, otherwise, safety protection shall be specially strengthened

4. key points for operation safety of crusher:

(1) the crusher, power supply, circuit, switch, etc. shall be checked to ensure that they meet the safety requirements and use requirements. The line shall be hung stably, and it is not suitable for 2. Jinan gold assay high-performance electronic universal testing machine to be attached to the ground. Because there are many sharp hard stones in the stockyard, it is easy to damage the wires

(2) the feeding shall be uniform and not too large, and the metal blocks shall be strictly prevented from mixing. A baffle shall be set above the discharge port

(3) do not peep from the upper side of the crusher

(4) if the stone is stuck at the feed inlet, it shall be turned over with an iron hook. It is strictly prohibited to move it by hand

(5) the roads in the site shall be leveled frequently and kept smooth

(6) pay attention to safety in handling and stacking block materials, and pay attention to the surrounding conditions when large artificial hammers are broken

5. key safety points for stabilized soil mixer operation:

(1) appropriate mixing teeth shall be selected according to different mixing materials, and the machinery and relevant accessories shall be checked

(2) during the operation of the mixer, the gantry structure corresponding to the single arm structure shall first lift the rotor off the ground for idling, and then slowly lower it to the mixing depth

(3) during mixing, do not turn sharply or turn in place. It is strictly prohibited to use reverse gear for mixing. In case of obstacles at the bottom layer, the rotor shall be lifted in time for inspection and treatment

(4) the mixer must be operated at a low speed to maintain a uniform speed during walking and operation. The temperature of hydraulic oil shall not exceed the specified value

(5) when stopping, pull the brake and place the rotor on the ground

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