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Analysis on the development of fastener industry in China

at present, fasteners in the world are mainly used in automobile industry, electronic industry, construction and maintenance industry. Among them, the automobile industry is the largest user, and the demand accounts for about 23.2% of the total sales of fasteners; Followed by the maintenance industry market and the construction industry, accounting for about 20% of the total sales of fasteners; The third is the electronics industry, accounting for about 16.6% of the total sales of fasteners

from the perspective of industry attribution, the fastener industry was a separate industry sub category before 2002, but in 2003, "fastener and spring manufacturing" was merged into an industry sub category according to the new national economic industry classification. As the number and economic aggregate of spring manufacturing enterprises are relatively small, it is difficult to remove them from the fastener industry. Therefore, when actually analyzing the development of the fastener industry, Some data do not add "COPV flight test" to the spring manufacturing enterprises, which will show that these materials are ready to be used for future NASA missions for a long time to be eliminated. The corresponding industry category of "fastener and spring manufacturing" is "general parts manufacturing and mechanical repair", and the corresponding industry category is "general equipment manufacturing"

with the continuous promotion of the process of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry in China, the speed of industrial upgrading is accelerating, and the integration of China's fastener industry with the economies of other countries in the world is accelerating, which puts forward higher and higher requirements for the product quality and technical level of China's fastener industry. Whether the fastener industry can continuously improve its overall level is not only related to whether China's automobile The overall gap between major technical equipment and the advanced level of foreign countries is also related to the development level of the entire national economy, including people's lives

development status of fastener industry in the whole country and the whole province

(I) development status of fastener industry in the whole country

China is a large fastener production country. There are more than 7000 fastener enterprises, large and small, in China. In 2007, the output of fasteners reached 5.25 million tons, accounting for more than one quarter of the global output of fasteners. The output has ranked first in the world for consecutive years. However, most of the fasteners produced in China are low-strength and low-grade products, Among them, the common low-grade standard fasteners below grade 8.8 account for about 45% - 50%

according to the statistical caliber above the designated size of the Bureau of Statistics (including spring enterprises and not excluding the value of non fasteners), there were 1797 fastener enterprises above the designated size in China in 2007, with total assets of 53.229 billion yuan, including 17.051 billion yuan of fixed assets; The average number of all employees reached 198800, and the total industrial output value of the year was 69.384 billion yuan, including 2.684 billion yuan of new product output value; The industrial sales value reached 67.654 billion yuan, of which the export delivery value reached 21.078 billion yuan; The main business income reached 67.969 billion yuan; Profits and taxes reached 5.714 billion yuan, of which the total profit was 3.689 billion yuan. It can be seen that the value of the non fastener industry in China's fastener industry has reached a considerable proportion (more than 30%), and according to the caliber of fastener enterprises above the designated size of the Bureau of statistics, the first national economic census was conducted in 2004, resulting in an increase of more than 75% in the number of fastener enterprises and the total economic output in China, Thus, the average growth rate of the total economic output of the fastener industry in China from 2002 to 2007 exceeded 35%. If this factor is excluded, the average growth rate of the total economic output of the fastener industry in China in recent years will be 24%

1. Composition of economic types

according to the statistical caliber of fastener enterprises above Designated Size in 2007, the largest proportion of fastener entrepreneurs in China is private enterprises, accounting for 60.21%, followed by foreign-invested enterprises, accounting for 19.2%. The proportion of joint-stock and limited companies is the third, accounting for 15.97%, and the proportion of state-owned and collective enterprises is only 4.62%, with the smallest proportion. If the number of enterprises below the scale is included, the number of private entrepreneurs will be heavier than the data of the impact experiment

from the perspective of value, although the order of proportion remains the same, the specific value has changed greatly. Taking the main business income as an example, the proportion of private enterprises has decreased to 44.94%, while the proportion of foreign-invested enterprises has increased significantly, reaching 32.61%. The proportion of joint-stock and limited companies has also increased in all load displacement, load time, displacement time and stress strain, but the growth rate is small, accounting for 18.69%; The proportion of total profits of foreign-invested enterprises far exceeds that of private enterprises, reaching 44.48%, and the proportion of private enterprises is 36.13%, which just reflects the characteristics of the large number, small scale and weak overall strength of China's fastener industry. The technical advantages, product advantages and market advantages of fastener enterprises are mainly concentrated in foreign-invested enterprises

2. Regional distribution

the regional distribution of fastener enterprises in China is very concentrated. From the statistical caliber of Enterprises above Designated Size in 2007, the three provinces and cities where the Yangtze River Delta is located, namely "Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai", have concentrated nearly 70% of fastener enterprises and 65% of the total fastener economy in China. Among them, Zhejiang Province has the largest proportion, accounting for 44.91% of the number of enterprises, accounting for 37.02% of the main business income, followed by Jiangsu Province, The number of enterprises accounted for 14.97%, the main business income accounted for 18.34%, the number of enterprises in Shanghai accounted for 9.02%, and the main business income accounted for 12.09%. In addition, Guangdong Province, Shandong Province, Hebei Province and Liaoning Province also have a certain number of fastener enterprises and economic aggregate.

3. Development of new products

since the vast majority of fastener products are mass produced according to unified standards, the number of new product development in the fastener industry is not large, mainly to change the internal composition of the used materials and improve the strength, service life and other mechanical properties of fasteners, Or develop various special fasteners. The output value of new products generally accounts for less than 4% of the total industrial output value. In 2007, the output value of new products above the scale of China's fastener enterprises was 2.684 billion yuan, and the output value rate of new products was 3.87%. However, with the continuous improvement of users' requirements for fastener products, the development of new products in the fastener industry is also increasing. High strength large fasteners, high-temperature fasteners, low-temperature fasteners and all kinds of special fasteners are continuously introduced. China is not only a large fastener manufacturer, but also an exporter. At present, China exports fasteners to more than 50 countries (regions), including the European Union The United States and Australia have the largest number. The top six countries and regions for export are the United States, Germany, Japan, Britain, Italy and Hong Kong respectively. The sum of exports to the United States, Germany and Japan accounts for more than one third of the total exports. In 2007, China exported 2.57 million tons of fasteners, accounting for 48.95% of the output of that year. However, the fasteners exported by China are still mainly medium and low strength fasteners, and the export order is relatively chaotic. The export volume is growing too fast, the export time and exporting countries are too concentrated, and the price is low and there are few high value-added products, which often leads to some trade frictions such as anti-dumping

Figure 6 shows the growth and change of China's fastener export in recent years. Figure 7 shows the comparison and change trend of the average unit price of China's exported fasteners and imported fasteners in recent years. It can be seen from Figure 7 that the ratio of China's fastener product import unit price to export unit price has become larger and larger in recent years, and the ratio has exceeded 8 times in recent two years, In 2007, we imported fasteners equivalent to only 6.81% of the export volume, accounting for 56.95% of the export volume of fasteners. It can be seen that China's fastener industry is still a developing industry, large but not strong, with a large gap with the United States, Japan and European developed countries

5. Financial operation

the asset liability ratio of China's fastener industry in recent years has been below 60%, and the liabilities are at a reasonable level, but the current ratio is between 1.1 and 1.2, and the quick ratio is between 0.8 and 0.9, and the liquidity or short-term solvency of funds is general; In recent years, the industrial value-added rate of China's fastener industry has ranged from 24% to 26%, which was 25.5% in 2007, lower than the average value-added rate of the National Machinery Industry (26.55%), and the profit rate of main business income was about 5% and 6%, which was 5.43% in 2007, also lower than the average profit rate of main business income of the National Machinery Industry (6.4%), and has a downward trend year by year. The profit rate of industrial costs and expenses is between 5% and 7%, In 2007, it was 5.96%, lower than the average level of 6.93% in the national machinery industry. It can be seen that the ability and profitability of China's fastener industry to create new value still need to be further enhanced


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