Development and application of sheet fed multicolo

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Development and application of sheet fed multi-color offset press III

2) Komori belt flip multi-color offset press

Komori has launched a new belt flip multi-color machine, liselon s840p. The first feature is that the printing preparation can be completed in a short time through several simple steps; Second, the machine speed reaches 16000 pieces/hour, and the maximum printing production speed is 15000 pieces/hour; Third, there will be no common problems in the past when turning over, and the paper turning is reliable. Komori's paper turning mechanism adopts the paper transfer mode of three double diameter rollers, so as to realize the smooth and stable transfer of paper? The embossing cylinder is sleeved with a specially treated sleeve. S840p is equipped with Komori's new APC semi-automatic plate changing device, which can automatically complete plate loading only by placing the plate in the fixed position of the printing unit. The printing color difference between the front and back sides is very small during flip printing

3) Manroland tape flip multi-color offset press

figure 8 shows Manroland's double-sided tape flip printer Roland 700. The machine adopts double diameter single drum turnover drum (Fig. 9), air cushion paper feeding, ppl or APL version change system, paper delivery after complete embossing, CCI  compute sample shall be placed close to the support, and the back of the sample notch shall face the pendulum blade er control inking system, pecom control management system, etc., which can carry out multi-color reversal printing on paper up to 0.6mm thick

there is another very important use of multi-color tape reverse offset press, that is, single-sided multi-color (6 ~ 7 colors) printing? 6 ~ 7 color printing is a kind of high-precision printing, i.e. hi fi printing. It is based on CMYK and RGB or orange? A kind of green printing, whose color gamut is about 20% larger than that of 4-color printing, can obtain pure and bright colors. It is especially suitable for printing some fashion picture books, magazines, advertising posters, high-end packaging, etc. In addition to the differences in prepress process and printing materials (such as ink), the most important condition in hardware is to have a new printing press with more than 6 colors. In late November 2003, an information release demonstration of "Heidelberg 8-color ribbon flip printing solution" was held in Shenzhen Heidelberg printing media center with the participation of major domestic printing media and hundreds of representatives of printing enterprises. On behalf of print world, the author had the opportunity to participate in the conference. At the meeting, the double-sided 4-color printing was first demonstrated, which is very stable under high-speed operation, with very good quality, and there is no color difference between the front and back; After the demonstration of double-sided 4-color printing, the operator completed the version change of 6 units in only a short time? In principle, the existing process of ink change can be used in the preparatory work of automobile industry, and then successfully carried out 6-color high fidelity printing (C, m, y, K, or, GR). From the 6-color samples printed on site, the color gamut is obviously expanded and the color is full? Lifelike and delicate picture (using FM), which is obviously better than the 4-color printing of the same picture, and changes the "flat and light" feeling left by the usual 4-color printing. Therefore, the multi-color printing machine with flip is dual-purpose, which is determined by the structure and performance of the double-sided special offset press

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