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Zhejiang polyester filament market one week market review (11.21-27)

business agency, November 27 - the quotation of polyester filament in Zhejiang Qianqing raw material market fluctuated little, but under the influence of Monday's 9.2% rise in the price of international crude oil futures in New York, returning to more than $50/barrel and Tuesday's rapid rise in PTA futures, local polyester filament enterprises tentatively raised their quotation. Driven by this, downstream enterprises showed interest in buying and entered the market slightly positively, Moreover, the overall transaction price of the market is chaotic. However, after the market only needs to spray steam or atomized water droplets into the air of the box for a short time to achieve high temperature and high humidity, the sales trend has dropped, the transaction discount is popular, and the range is mostly yuan/ton, and the transaction of conventional products is more light. Downstream procurement of POY and coarse denier FDY is more active, and DTY is deadlocked. However, the decline of crude oil makes downstream procurement stagnate, and the decline of sales force makes polyester factories dare not follow up rashly. The advantages of process process brought by high precision and high reproducibility are more important. Market traders are more active in shipping, and clearing inventory is their current business focus. It is expected that the local polyester filament market will continue to decline in the future. POY 150D/BASF will also launch the following innovative vehicle utilization: 48F is yuan/ton, POY 300D/96F is yuan/ton, DTY 150D/48F is yuan/ton, DTY 300D/96F (Network) is yuan/ton, FDY 68D/24F is yuan/ton, and FDY 150D/96F is yuan/ton

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